10 topics you can write about on your business blog

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10 topics you can write about on your business blogs

One of the most common complaints, or perhaps issues, businesses have with blogging is that they feel they don’t have anything interesting to talk about. But that’s where they’re wrong.

As long as you have customers and a target audience. You have a group of people who are interested in your sector and maybe your products and services specifically.

Your business might not sell the most exciting thing on the planet. But you have information to blog about which is interesting and useful to your target audience.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are 10 topics your business can blog about:


Events and shows

If you’re going to an event or a show you want people to know you’re there right? Write about it on your blog and include key information. Such as what stand you’ll be on, what days you’ll be there and if there are any offers you’ll be running.

When you get back from the event, write a follow up post including a few pictures and talk about how it went.



You do want your target audience and customers to hear about the offer or promotion you’re running don’t you?

As well as putting banners or sliders on your website and sending out emails about the offer. Talk about it on your blog and share on social media if your business use it.


New products

Your blog is the perfect place to talk about new products before they’re available on your website.

It could help drum up interest and you could send customers to a landing page or a contact form. There they can ask to receive more information about the product and its release date.


How you’ve helped customers

One of the best ways you can build trust is to show your target audience how your product or service has helped a customer. You can do this using testimonials but you can also share case studies, which work better on a blog.

Maybe it’s something simple like how your accounting software made accounting less stressful for a business or maybe you really went out of your way for a customer.

For fun, or maybe even inspiration, take a look at these 11 examples of great customer service.


Interview staff members

People buy from people, so bring out a more personal side of your company by interviewing members of staff.

Don’t stick to their role and what they do, ask them about their interests so that your audience sees them are more human.

It might even make them feel more comfortable about getting in touch with you because they know it’s a real person they’re dealing with. They need to call Bob in advertising who likes playing rugby and playing guitar in his spare time rather than just Bob in advertising.

Little things like that will make you come across as friendly and approachable, rather than a faceless business.


Celebrate your business

Have you just reached 10 years in business or hired your 100th member of staff? Celebrating milestones like this helps your audience and customers get to know you and again makes you feel more human to your audience.


Laws and regulations

This won’t apply to all businesses but you may find a law or regulation will be changed or added, which might affect the way your business runs and your customers.

For example in 2012, the EU Cookie Regulation was brought in. That affected our customers, so we blogged about it to make them aware and tell that what it was about and what they needed to do.



Do you often get the same questions asked about a product? If so, your blog is a good place to address that and go into detail if needs be.

As a sidenote you may want to consider re-writing your product copy if basic questions are being asked frequently.


How to

These are one of the most popular types of post for business blogs because the possibilities are endless and you can teach people how to do something really basic, something a bit more challenging and the most advanced tasks.

This kind of post provides your audience with the most benefit as they learn how to do something without the hassle of customer service or waiting for a reply.


News or seasonal

Is there any important news or something seasonal in your sector that you can talk about?

Prime examples are holiday companies who will talk more about summer beach holidays in the summer and then skiing holidays over the winter. Other examples include: stationery companies targeting ‘back to school’ time, fashion brands will talk about party dresses before Christmas and tyre retailers will talk about the importance of winter tyres.

Even in a B2B business you may have seasonal products or services, so it’s worth talking about that and discussing topics in those areas. Even if you’re answering a very simple question it might help generate a lead or a sale because you’ve just educated someone on why your product or service can help solve a problem for them.


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