12 Days of Christmas … 1 Marketing Company

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12 days of christmas 1 marketing company

And we’re down to number one of our 12 Days of Christmas, and today we’re looking at … us!

Normally our blog is reserved for advice, how to’s and examples of great marketing, but to end our countdown, we thought we’d talk about the one team that pushes to give you these handy tips each week, and the company that always pushes to get their clients where they want to be.

This year has been quite a varied one for us, with lots of exciting projects from huge responsive websites, to stationary design and print. We’ve had lots of events and networking to attend, meeting some great businesses in the process. We’ve ran our own Macmillan Coffee morning which was as successful as it was delicious. And we even had time to squeeze in adopting a new marketing dog to join our very hard working George and Chops.

We’ve also spent time this year updating our skills (and gaining new certification) in social media, inbound marketing and Google AdWords, meaning you can be sure we are offering the most up to date services possible.

So if you are looking for more leads to come to you, rather than focusing all your effort on outbound marketing, we might be able to help you. Along with our other services such as responsive website design, branding and graphic design, it means it is easier than ever before to get the customer base you want, and you can get it all in one place (a place that makes a cracking cup of tea we should add).

If you’re based in the Burntwood, Cannock, or Staffordshire area, and feel your marketing could be working harder for you, then why not book in and see how we may be able to help you reach your goals in 2016.

Take a look at the rest of our countdown to the 12 days of Christmas, for more advice, how to’s and examples of marketing during this festive season.

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