12 Days of Christmas … 11 reasons to upgrade your website in the New Year

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11 reasons to upgrade your website in the new year

You may have heard us mention responsive websites a few times, but it is essential these days! Some companies still have not made the jump to a responsive website, so here are 11 reasons why you should consider the jump in 2016.


Google Said So

Okay it’s not the nicest thing having to make changes because someone said so, but unfortunately when it comes to Google and your search rankings, if you want to be seen, you need to follow their ranking criteria. One of which now being that your website is mobile friendly.

From April 21st 2015, Google stated that worldwide changes would be in place to make it easier for users to find relevant, high quality search results, which are optimised for their device.


It improves SEO

By having a responsive website, you give your users a better experience, and because they get a better experience, Google rewards you for it in your rankings, meaning you appear higher on search results.

There are now nearly 1 billion websites in the world that you need to compete against, so ensuring your website is responsive may be a bigger factor than you think for getting you seen by your potential customers.


Mobile phones have overtaken desktops

It was seen this year that mobile phones are now the most used device, overtaking desktop use. This means a large percentage of your customers are now checking you out first on their phones. Well over 50% of people are now shopping on their phones rather than their desktops. So if you’re website isn’t optimised for mobile viewing, you could be scaring customers away.


Social Media is driving more mobile viewers

Social Media is probably one of your marketing strategies, and therefore is probably attracting a lot of people to your site on their phones or tablets, which is great! Unless they can’t see what they are viewing.

It has been seen that 31.24% of overall traffic to sites in December 2014 was through the top 8 social networks. Still not convinced? That was up from 22.71% the previous year, and it is going to continue to grow. Don’t waste your social media efforts by driving people to a website that won’t work on their phone.


A separate mobile site will create more work

Could you get a separate mobile site? Well, yes you could. But then you would need to manage two websites and two lots of SEO meaning you are doubling your workload. There can also be problems with people viewing your site depending on where it is shared. Let’s say someone views your site on a mobile, they share a link back to your site on their Facebook. People viewing Facebook on their desktops who then click on the link will not be able to view it properly, as it is a link to the mobile site. With responsive, it stays as one website, meaning one link, meaning no one misses out.


Adapts to any screen size

With a responsive design, your website adapts itself to whatever size the screen is, so regardless of where your users open your site, they get the best experience possible. So no matter what the next phone or tablet release, your website will still work, making them ‘future friendly’.


Your competitors could be stealing your leads

We’ve all been there on a mobile or tablet site, where the page won’t load, or you can’t find the item you want quick enough, so you get frustrated, move off that website, and go to the next one on the list. If you are not responsive, but your competitors are, you could be losing a lot of customers who are looking elsewhere out of sheer frustration.


You could be gaining your competitors leads

On the flip side to losing customers to competitors, if you are one of the first of your area and industry to go over to responsive, you could be attracting new customers, with a more user friendly site. By going responsive, you can place yourself a step ahead.


Stop annoying your customers

You wouldn’t make displays in your window that didn’t show off your best products, didn’t fit in the window space, and make it awkward for a customer to pick what they want, so why are you doing it online? Even the most loyal customers can get frustrated in a world where whatever you want can be at your fingertips immediately.


It makes a better ‘bathroom’ experience

Or we could maybe change that to ‘lunchbreak’ experience to make it a little less gross. The fact is, many people carry their mobiles everywhere, and as soon as they have a few minutes to kill, they are browsing on their phones. A huge 75% of people use their phone whilst on the toilet! With 29% of people saying that was due to boredom. Boredom which you can fill with your amazing products and services.


It works!

Those who have gone responsive have seen increased conversions due to a better user experience. So why are you waiting?


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