12 Days of Christmas … 8 social media New Year’s resolutions

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8 social media resolutions for new year

Whether you’re social media savvy or still learning, the New Year may be a good time to take on a few social media New Year’s resolutions. To not only keep you on track next year, but to get even better results from your efforts!

Here’s 8 ideas of what you could use as resolutions:


Find more time for social media, and actually use it!

We can all begin things with the best intentions, social media accounts being no exception. You place up a few posts, and then leave it to one side. This will not produce any results, no matter how much you will it to! So commit to making some time for it. Whether that’s 20 minutes as soon as you get in. A look during your lunch break. Or posting a little later when you’re at home and relaxed. No matter what time suits you best, you just need to make the time, and go for it.


Use automation and scheduling tools

So what if you really don’t have enough time to go on daily? Or you do go on daily, but wish you could post more than you do? This is where automation and scheduling tools come in.

Don’t get too excited, these are not replacements for actually posting in real time. Or engaging with other posts. These are simply tools to help you organise your posts a little better. Making sure you are writing the best posts you can.

Most of the social networks themselves let you schedule directly from their platform. So instead of hitting the publish/post/send button, press the arrow next to it to schedule for a later time or date. Though if you have a few accounts, you may find it more beneficial to set up a Hootsuite account. Or something similar, where you can schedule to multiple platforms on the same page.


Have a spring clean

If you have got a little social media happy, you may have several accounts that you aren’t doing much with. If you really only use twitter and LinkedIn, maybe it’s time to look at the other accounts you have. See if you can improve your posts, update your profile, or if you really are not going to use it, get rid of it.

If you have a Facebook page, but you haven’t posted any content for 2 years, it doesn’t give the best impression to your customers. So get updating, or throw it out.


Create a content calendar

Keeping up with what you have posted, or when you should post can get tedious very quickly if you don’t keep organised.

One way to keep your content in shape is by creating a content calendar. If you already have social media accounts, look at posts that did well. Look at the times that are busiest. Look at what is getting your customers talking. Use that knowledge to craft posts for the week/month/year, which can then be scheduled to the social network for the best time.

This means you can organise the best results for your business, and you can get it arranged ahead of time. Again, this is not a substitution for real time posts about topical events. But it does mean if you are looking to focus on a certain topic for one week. Or on a certain day of the week. You can ensure your content is standardised across that time period.


Commit to more visual posts

If you can’t commit to a full content calendar, perhaps it is worth just committing to including more visual posts for your accounts. It is proven that images and videos are more engaging for your followers. So you are more likely to get clicks back through to your webpage.


Update all of your social media to match your brand

It can be really easy when setting up accounts to forget that it also represents your brand. Or to have not updated your social media when you have updated your brand. Ensure everything across your social media, looks, feels and sounds like your company to give customers the same experience regardless of how they come across you.


Engage with your followers

There are a lot of company accounts which are guilty of posting out content, but never interacting with the users following them. Or just other people online in general. This is easy to do if you haven’t set up enough time for your social media. You rush through, post what you need to post, then come off again, but this will not achieve you amazing results.

By being pro-active and speaking to those following you. Commenting on articles or sharing pictures. You not only raise your online presence, but you also encourage people to know it’s okay to interact with you both online and offline.

Not to mention if people are following you, they are showing an interest in your service. So by showing an interest back, you are building that customer relationship.


Track your results!

You are putting in all this effort with content calendars and engaging your followers, but you’ll never know what’s truly working unless you monitor the results.

You can do this through the social networks themselves. As most include their own analytics now on the most popular posts. Such as how much engagement posts have created, and how improved your page is this week. And you can also see in your Google Analytics how many users have come through your social media.


We’d love to hear what your resolutions are for next year, and what you plan to do with your social media!


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