12 Days of Christmas … 4 reasons for letter campaigns

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4 reasons for letter campaigns

We’ve spoken in our blogs previously about the case for direct mail, and how it still has it’s place in the marketing industry. But some people remain unconvinced. Even though it is shown that since 2004, letter campaigns marketing response rates have increased by 14%. 

So why would you decide send out a direct mail campaign? How would it benefit your company?


Say Thank You

Have your customers been with you for a certain amount of time? Have they taken advantage of one of your latest offers? Are they a brand new customer? Use the time to say thank you properly. In a more heart felt way through a letter, rather than a quick email.

And with 56% of customers saying they find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. Saying thank you through a letter rather than a digital method may feel a little more heartfelt.

This is a good way to entice customers back too. By also supplying your latest offers, or offers only available to members. Customers will have your marketing right in front of them at a time when they are feeling appreciated. And even if it’s not an immediate purchase. Customers are far more likely to keep a letter than they are to keep an email.


Get your point across

There are some things you can do with printed letter campaigns you can’t do online. One very popular tool is a 3D pop up. Something that can be posted flat, but when it is opened, the object springs into shape, which proves quite memorable to your customer.

One of the best examples I have seen of this is with the ADT security system. Security systems are now mainly advertised online. Alongside stats of break ins and links to news stories. Which most of the time brings that scare factor. But ADT took it one step further with printed marketing.

They used a box that could be pushed flat to fit through a letter box, or under a door. But that sprang back to a rather large box when it wasn’t being pushed flat. These boxes were pushed through many apartment doors, with the ADT logo on the top, alongside the tagline “breaking into your apartment is easier than you think”. Scary much? But a brilliant use of thinking outside the box (sorry!).


It might not just be the older generation you appeal to

There is a generation who are just not used to email. So if your customer base is based around the older generation, then they would perhaps you consider it’s better practice to send a letter straight to them. Rather than an email to an account they may never log in to.

But did you know that young adults (24 and under) are the most responsive to direct mail? Now that people generally don’t receive post, it seems when ‘millenials‘ do, they tend to react to it. Meaning more brand awareness for you, and perhaps something they’ll keep hold off longer too. Unlike an email or a social media post.


It gets people back to your website

Using direct mail doesn’t mean turning your back on your website and digital marketing efforts. 44% of customers say they visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail marketing. It shows you can link in together old and new marketing strategies, and still achieve great results.

It does also mean though that if you purely focus on direct mail marketing, maybe you should also be considering what customers experience when they come online to research your company. If they are faced with no website, and a Facebook page you haven’t posted on since 2013, any trust you build in your direct mail will be broken. And the customer may not follow through. Ensure if you are running any form of marketing campaign, you have something strong online. Like a website or landing page, that if informative and compelling too.

There’s also the possibilities available now with QR codes, meaning your printed marketing can take customer’s straight to your online marketing.

A great example of this is fast food chains such as McDonalds or Taco Bell. Where they have made the most of their current print marketing (in this case their food packaging and cups) and made more out of it. Every person who eats there is being re-marketed to without even realising. Driving more people to the website, as they all scan their codes to see what’s on the other side.


What do you think?

Do you prefer receiving mail or do you just wish companies would stick to digital marketing? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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