Seasons Greetings humans, George and Chops here. Our Humans are furry busy at the moment finishing catalogues which will help our clients get more sales next year, developing websites and managing Christmas email campaigns, which means we’ve been left to

Words can go a long way towards convincing someone to become a customer, or even put them off. Many of us research something online before buying it and if we don’t read what we want to read, we’ll look elsewhere.

How well is your website holding people’s attention? Are they staying on a page for a while and then moving through to another page or are they clicking straight back to a search engine after four seconds? We’re bombarded with

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Bonjour et nihao Humans, We’ve been furry very busy lately and so has our good friend Lottie from Fleximas. Like us Lottie is an office dog and does a lot to help out at Fleximas, including organising next years catalogue.

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that marketing is the key to a businesses success and we’re inclined to agree! Speaking at the AppsWorld 2013 conference he said that marketing is the most important thing. ‘Marketing is the most important thing.

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eBay have updated their image standards in the run up to Christmas to help sellers sell more products. As of October 30th, the new image standards have come into effect in the UK. All listings must have at least one

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There are plenty of websites and companies offering you free design with your printing. But in the majority of cases free print design isn’t saving you money. Like thousands of businesses up and down the country we often get poorly

Bonjour et nihao Humans, I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a busy day today; Gareth, Lauren and Laura from Morgan Signs & Design have been in talking about digital marketing and social media. Our good furiends at Morgan

Ni hao, Chops here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been snoozing in bed and heard the Humans talking about going out for lunch. I laughed to myself and wondered why anyone would want to move at lunchtime

There are plenty of articles out there giving you advice about blogging for business but why exactly should your business be blogging? And does it really make a difference anyway? The short answer is yes blogging does make a difference!