3 Stage Marketing Plan

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marketing plan


Our 3 Stage Marketing Plan

A marketing plan or strategy is vital for your business’ success,  whatever industry you represent. Quite often a marketing plan is drawn up without any regard for the 1st or 3rd step outlined below. This is potentially the difference between your marketing plan being a success or a failure.

  1. Pre-Marketing

Pre-marketing is the foundation stage of any marketing plan to enable business development. Prior to any marketing, SEO and social marketing, this step ensures that you have the right brand, website, stationery, brochure/catalogue and other related sales and marketing tools in place. This step will ensure you capitalise on your ongoing marketing and sales team activity. It helps you to clarify who you are, what you do, your target audience and their requirements. It informs where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Getting this right is vitally important as all other marketing activities are built on this. It helps to determine your direction and your value in the marketplace.

The value proposition you put forward in any marketing or sales material will help you to establish your competitive advantage over other similar companies. It will help prospects to determine if they feel your offering fits their requirements and if they will buy from you.

Key areas for development:
  • Brand development/strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Stationery/digital stationery
  • Responsive Website design
  • E-Commerce development
  • Brochure/ Catalogue design
  • SEO Scoping
  • On screen/tablet presentations
  • Flyers design
  • Social media planning
  • Signage/liveries/workwear
  1. Marketing

Marketing is the implementation stage, where we help you to go about creating opportunities to sell and create awareness of your brand and offering. This is when we take the pre-marketing materials and use them to drive business by reaching prospects with compelling calls to action. Create persuasive content that you will use to provide a two-way conversation with your audience, through calls, direct or digital marketing. We can also look at ways to improve your rankings in search engines, by using a blended strategy of organic social or paid search marketing. The aim for all of the above is to drive more prospects to contact and engage with you, so that you have the opportunity to convert them into a sale.

Key Features:
  • Direct marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Exhibitions/events seminars
  • Seeding content through networks
  • Google ad-words campaigns
  • Blogging content creation
  • Implement seasonal strategies
  • Manage SEO campaigns
  • Create & develop landing pages
  • Offer/reward campaigns
  1. Re-Marketing

Re-marketing is the ongoing development of your business and brand. This is where you capitalise on the opportunities that we have created through the initial marketing. It gives you the chance to re-engage with customers who have already interacted with your company, to remind them of your products and services, and encourage them to take action. We are driven by conversion and measurement. Re-marketing helps you to convert additional sales as you contact warm prospects again, this helps you to build relationships and stay front of mind while they make their buying decisions.

Key Features:
  • Web tracker analysis
  • Email marketing/data capture
  • Auto email – preference/habits
  • Implementing results based strategies
  • Personalised content development/social


Make your marketing work more for you and your business. Download the 3 stage plan here.

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