Your Marketing MOT – A Metaphor For Business Success

Marketing MOT

Marketing MOT

Your Marketing MOT

Is your company marketing safe to drive sales with, what do you need to fix before you cause a near business fatality? How do you beat the competition? Try a marketing MOT.

Your marketing may FAIL, but it could fail with advisories, easy things to put right. When was the last time you looked at this? You may have your car serviced every year and if it’s let’s say, a little older, it will require an MOT yearly to see if its fit for purpose. Without it, your going nowhere, dont forget your passengers/clients need to feel safe too.

You should check the following to stay safe, keep selling, fine tune, increase profit, look good and stay ahead of the traffic.


Marketing MOT Checks  – (MOT = Marketing On Target)

• Safety, Brakes & Acceleration

check whether you can keep your business from swerving off the road, provide a consistent strategy to allow you to start and stop sales at will, slow down when you need to, provide the right kind of customers at the right time, strap them in safely and delight them with your grip on customer service.

• Levels

are you marketing enough, does your sales team have the right amount of marketing tools to add value to their targets, is it the right kind of fuel and fluid to oil the cogs of your industry, sector & target audience, to outperform the competition. You should be able keep the rate of sales at a constant level, one that is comfortable for you. Can your customer service team say, they too have the same levels of quality marketing outputs and collateral?

• Emissions

so you’ve got loads of marketing tools and its bringing in masses of customers, but are your emissions slightly toxic. Fine tune your present marketing to get the best out of your proposition, increase business mileage, increase productivity, increase profit, push the %.

• Bodywork

check for signs of rust and internal damage, update your marketing, keep it fresh but on brand, remove unnecessary add-ons that could damage your sales performance, remove the drag factor and streamline your business.

• Vision

make sure you can adapt to the ever-changing landscape and changes in the road, plan for the future, as well as for the present, how do you join this all up to develop your sales and grow your business going forward.

Can all of this be fixed, would you pass a Marketing MOT?

Our team here at The Marketing People can provide a free business ‘Marketing MOT’.

Drive your business to success. Together we will see where you are up to now, look at your business objectives, consult, strategise and then produce real and credible brand marketing outputs and collateral that both you and more importantly, your customers can be proud of –

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Marketing MOT