5 reasons your brand should be priority

5 reasons your brand should be priority

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5 reasons your brand should be priority

It is nothing new for marketing companies to say you not only need a great brand but brand should be priority, as it will help your business. This is no lie.

But we know it can be hard to even consider dedicating time, money and energy to consistently working on your brand. When there is so much competition out there who have access to much bigger marketing budgets, and can dedicate entire teams to this sort of thing. Sometimes it can even be our own egos that get in the way. Thinking that ensuring your branding is up to date and well represented is a wasted exercise, as people already know who you are.

We’re going to look at some of 5 reasons why you consider your brand a priority when it comes to your business. And why it should be something you constantly review and promote.


“Your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is”

This quote hits the nail on the head. You may have had the most fabulous brand designed when you set up. But if you’ve not maintained the promises set by your brand, your customers will have noticed, and will be talking about it.

Managing your brand, and keeping customer expectations fulfilled will mean you can leave a good impression with your customer. Which in turn leaves a good impression of your brand.

If you are consistently looking and assessing your brand. Fulfilling or exceeding customers expectations. Appearing in all the right places within the industry. And are putting out regular, informative info, then you are more likely to sculpt a better impression of yourselves.


It promotes recognition, and user loyalty

Having a solid brand means you become instantly recognisable. Which is why it’s so essential. Bigger businesses can optimise this well. With some of the biggest players being instantly recognisable from just a colour, shape or tagline. But that doesn’t mean medium and small businesses can’t create the same effect.

By keeping this consistent and getting your brand out there, people will come to recognise it. People trust brands they recognise. We’ve all picked a brand we’ve seen before over something completely unheard of when we’ve been unsure.


It creates expectation

Having a certain standard for your brand not only gives promise to your customers. It provides motivation for your staff, and expectations of what is needed from them.

Which is why it is important your brand accurately reflects your company. Pitch yourselves a lot higher than what you can deliver, you may let customers down. Then point one will come to bite you, and people will not believe anything else you put out there.

Having a brand is a standard to adhere to for your staff, and a promise to fulfill with your customers. Prioritising your brand includes consistently keeping these promises to customers.


It confirms your credibility

In an era where every product or service is scrutinised, reviewed and researched before it is bought, having good credibility is more essential than ever before. One bad review can throw off a sale. That is, if you brand isn’t underlining who you actually are.

Now building your brand does not mean you will never get a bad review, as you will never please everyone. But what it does do is underline your companies ethos and values. So the more you establish and promote your brand, the more it becomes credible and not a one off.

When looking to build your credibility focus on blogging, or sharing relevant articles. Including valid case studies available to your potential customers and showcasing awards or certification you have in your field.


It gets the right customers to you, and customers to aspire to you

Though like we said you can’t please everyone. Focusing on your brand, and really establishing who you are and who your products are for should draw more of the right customers. Leading you to better quality leads and more returning custom.

Having a great brand also creates the aspirational quality. Maybe people might not be your right customers right now, but they want to be. If you are creating a high end product, though some will be happy with a lower quality version, others will aspire to own one of your high end products instead of the lower quality version. Other’s may be a life milestone, and your customers need to reach a certain life event, or age before your products or services apply. By keeping your brand consistent, in the public eye, and well presented, you can be inspiring those potential customers until the time comes that they can become a customer.


Next time we’ll be looking at how to make the most of your brand, especially looking at how to build that credibility within your industry.


Until then, if you are looking to build your company brand but are feeling a little overwhelmed with the challenges you are facing, why not come and talk to the experts? Call us on 01543 495752 for a friendly chat, or you can catch up on more our branding blogs here. 

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