8 Common Mistakes With Google Ads

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There are many simple mistakes that business owners make with their Google Ads. It prevents them from getting clicks and can cost them big money. This blog will discuss the 8 most common mistakes that are made with Google Ads.

Read on or watch our short video to find out if you’re making these mistakes with your Google Ads…



1.    Using only one Ad

Google is an auction site. Every time someone carries out a Google search for a product or service, it carries out an auction in milliseconds by looking for relevant website pages and ads.

If you only have one ad in your campaign then you only have a small chance of winning the competition. Giving Google a choice of ads will increase your chances of winning the auctions and getting page clicks.


2.    Not structuring your ads into themed Ad Groups

If you have different services or products, then they shouldn’t be in a single Ad Group. Separating them into different Ad Groups helps Google have clarity on who it is that you want to click on your ads.

This process can be quite complicated and you should click here to schedule a free 15 minute call with our Google Ads expert to go over this in more detail.


3.    Not including a problem and solution in your Ads

The majority of ads we come across talk about you, the business, which is totally wrong. Yes, your brand is important and you need to establish who you are, but you need to give the problem and solution you provide in less than 30 characters.

The person that comes across your ads will be looking to fix an issue or seek a solution. If you show the problem and solution in your ads then you will receive more clicks at a lower price as Google will reward you.


4.    Sending clicks to your homepage

In any campaign you need to be sending clicks to a relevant page: this is called the landing page. It should include the keywords the person is looking for and be relevant to the solution you are trying to provide. Need help? Click here.


5.    Running your ads 24/7

Chances are, you have specific opening hours. Your ads should be altered so they run during your opening times rather than having them run constantly. This way, if a potential customer clicks on your ad and phones your business, they will be greeted with a friendly staff member rather than an answering machine. If they were to click the ad when you’re not open, you are not only in danger of losing that potential business but you will also be wasting a lot of money.

Now, if you are a 24/7 service or business then this may not be a major issue for you, however we can still help to optimise your campaign to refine your results even more to squeeze extra juice out of your ads, so click here to get in touch for a free ads review.


6.    Not tracking inbound calls

Not only should you be tracking your inbound calls, you also need to be running remarketing campaigns and make sure you understand how your ads are performing.

We can help you do all of this with 360 tracking, so you can improve your performance.


7.    Not running remarketing campaigns

The chance of a customer buying on their first visit to your website is less than 2%. You need to understand that potential customers need to do their research before they make a purchase.

The only instance where a customer will buy off their first visit is if you offer an emergency service such as an electrician or locksmith etc., where the intent is high. If you’re in service or retail your customer has an average 21 days from consideration to buying.

If you are interested in learning more about this click here to watch our video on the average customer journey.


8.    Not focusing on your negative keywords

If you are not focusing on your negative keywords, your ads will show up when people look for slightly similar services or products. This could cost you money but also relevant clicks will increase your true campaign fee too. This is a biggy!

Since you’ve made it this far, here is a bonus mistake…


9.    Not recording inbound calls

All of our clients get call recording as standard. This allows you to listen back to conversations and evaluate your process.

You may find that your staff need more training, or you may decide your process needs to improve to get more sales and be more convenient for potential customers. Overall, it helps you to fully understand your customers’ needs.


Talk to our expert team about how we can help you to reach your business goals. You can reach out to us by clicking here and making an appointment via our website or by calling the office on 01543 495752.

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