Renegotiating the terms of the leash

Renegotiating the terms of the leash

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Renegotiating the terms of the leash

Last time we looked at what to look out for with those nasty ulcers. But what if you find yourself in the same position as George, and you are now adapting to a different way of life?

Here’s some of the tips the humans have found when looking at training a blind dog. But there is no right or wrong way, just what works for you and your human!

Our first paw-ry was how George was going to play. As you all know he woofs his toys, and will always make a game out of anything he can get his paws on.

We’ve seen tips that adding bells or smells to toys can help, so that George could hear or smell his toy, and be able to find it that way, rather than seeing where it is. We know George has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing where his favourite toys are anyway, so he will probably learn quick on this one!

One place also said to use a mat under our dog spot, so that he will know from the feeling under his paws that he is back to base, and near his bed. We think he could probably follow our snore’s though!

Dad’s also said he has got to stop mom picking George up and carrying him cause he can ‘map out’ the house. We think George deserves s bit of fuss for a while, but we suppose it may be a bit confusing being picked up in the kitchen, and suddenly you’re on the sofa. They are gonna get some spongy bits for the table though, so he doesn’t bump his head when he is sniffing out his way (even though he bumped into everything before!).

To be honest, they have this completely under control, and there is so much help for them on the woof wide web that we know it’s all going to be okay.

In the lots of research they have done, part of that was looking at some videos of other pawed pals who are dealing with the same thing. They seemed to make them smile, so we thought you may all want to have a look too.

Here are our favourite videos.








Do you have a pet story to tell? Perhaps you are adapting to a new situation, or even just a fellow hard working office dog. Get in touch and we might be able to get your story on our blog!

For now though love and licks to you all

Chops and Sammy xoxo

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