Are You Providing (P)Awesome Online Customer Service?

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are you providing awesome online customer service

Bonjour humans, George here, your favourite dog with a passion for digital marketing and chasing plastic bottles.

It’s incredibly cold outside at the moment, there’s no chance I’m going out for a walk while that white stuffs falling out of the sky.

I’m going to spend my time indoors talking to you about providing your customers with the best online customer service you can. I’m a very thoughtful Marketing Dog aren’t I?

Even I know that consumers are shopping around for the best prices, but they also want the best customer service available. This means that some customers are willing to pay more to buy a product, or buy from a company, which provides them with better customer service.

Whether your trade solely online or your business has an e-commerce website, there are a few things you can do to help make your online shopping experience even better and provide your customers with pawesome customer service!

Posting costs and information – Up Front

Gardening Delights dog waste bagsThere’s few things more irritating (such as forgetting where you buried your bone) than not being able to find postage information. Or nearly completing the checkout process and then finding out that the postage costs are three times the price it is somewhere else.

Make your postage costs easy to find on your website and show it early on in the checkout process; don’t surprise people at the last minute because they’ll shop elsewhere.

One of the human’s clients, Gardening Delights, mentions their flat postage rate in their product details.

This is really helpful because a prospective customer can immediately see that no matter how many rolls of dog waste bags or compostable liners they buy, their postage costs will stay the same.

Automated Emails – Keep Your Customers in the Loop

It’s standard practice now for customers to be sent emails informing them of what’s happening with their order.

Set up automated emails that will be sent out when an order and payment has been received and when their order has been dispatched. If you offer tracking numbers, send an email with the tracking number in and tell them how they can track their order.

FAQ’s & Contact Info – Make it easy to find

If a customer has a problem or a question, they will check your website before calling or emailing you as they don’t want to waste yours or their time.

Create an FAQ page, ensuring it’s in an easy to find place, so users can check there first to see if their question is listed.

If you have a lot of FAQ’s split them up into sections so users aren’t overwhelmed and can easily find their question and the answer.

If someone’s question hasn’t been answered make sure your contact information is easy to find. When they call or email you, get back to them as soon as possible. If you ignore them they’ll only use another retailer who will provide them with better customer service and answer their question.

Added Value

Consumers are looking for the best value for money, they want to buy from companies who are providing the best product and the best service to their customers.

Give your customers something extra just for being a customer, preferably something that they can’t get anywhere else. For example;

  • Offers or sales which are only available to existing customers.
  • A loyalty card which will get them a free product or a discount code when they’ve ordered from you a certain amount of times.
  • A downloadable PDF with helpful tips and hints for the product they’ve bought or a ‘how to’.
  • Send them a ‘Happy Birthday’ email, which may contain an offer just for them.
  • Show them other product you think they’ll enjoy based on things they’ve already bought.

This next tip is a juicy bonus since it’s not technically something you can do on your website, but it is just as important.

Social Media – Listen

You may not think your business needs to be on social media, but if you do a quick search on Twitter you might find customers talking about you, or if you take a look on Pinterest you may find people are pinning your products and recommending them.

There’s a huge selection of social networks out there, you don’t need to be on all of them and not all of them are right for your business.

If you have a large amount of customers / potential customers talking about your business / services / products on Twitter, then it’d be smart to set up a Twitter page to answer their questions and help them out.

You can find out more about social media monitoring tools by reading 5 Tools for Standout Social Customer Service Response.

In short, people are wiser in terms of where they’re spending their money. They don’t want to spend money on a company they can’t get in touch with, who don’t keep them well informed and who don’t reply to their queries.

Some of you may have seen The Marketing People’s blog post last week about LEGO and their great example of customer service. That’s the kind of customer service you should be striving for. You and your business should be aiming to give customers the kind of experience they’ll rave about and recommend to their family, friends and maybe their pets.

If you need to re-develop parts of your website or set up automated emails to improve your online customer service, pick up the dog and bone and get in touch with my humans. Call them on 01543 495 752 or email them on


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