Blog on the go with the WordPress mobile app

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Blog on the go with the wordpress app

It can be hard to find time to blog regularly. But the WordPress app makes that easier by allowing you to start draft posts, schedule, edit and publish posts from your mobile devices.

Whether you’re waiting for an appointment. Are away from your desktop or laptop or on the train home. You can jot down an idea and begin writing a blog post as soon as an idea comes to you.

The app also allows you to add images, add links, add formatting and read more tags. Pretty much everything you can do when you use WordPress on your desktop or laptop.

Our clients often say that it can be hard for them to find time to blog regularly. So we think this app is a great way of encouraging people to blog when they’re on the go.

If your WordPress website or blog is self-hosted (which means your website is not hosted by WordPress. If you’re URL ends in then your website is hosted with WordPress and is not self-hosted.) you will need the URL for your website or blog (e.g., and the username and password you use to log into it with.

The WordPress app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices, which includes Kindle tablets.

If you get stuck with anything, WordPress have a pretty extensive FAQs section for both Apple and Android devices, which you can find here. Stuck with keeping up with blogging? Take a look at how we taught Veriserv to get the most out of their blog, and how we could help you too.

Download the app from here –

Stuck on ideas to write about? We’ve put together 10 topics you could write about on your business blog.

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