Bonjour & Ni Hao EDO!

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bonjour & ni hao edo

Bonjour and Ni Hao Humans!

It’s been a while since we’ve tapped out a blog post, but I’m sure you’ll forgive us as we’ve been very busy giving the Humans a paw converting SSC Learning into EDO.

SSC (Skills Source Care) Learning enables companies and individuals to access and take advantage of development opportunities available to them. (In fact, we found our Social Media Human through them!)

They felt the name SSC Learning restricted them to the care sector and felt a rebrand would help them to grow and move forward with offering training in other sectors.

Marketing, Website Design and Social Media 

George the French Bulldog in a green tieThe Humans started off by talking to the directors, Ian and Andy, about the business, how they felt about it as it was and what they hoped a rebrand would do for them.

Once they’d had a few natters over tea and biscuits, we started work on the renaming process.

This involved using our tried and testing secret process, which looks at the business, what services they provide and most importantly what the benefit is to their client….Ooops!


After spending many hours of following our secret trusted rebranding process, the name EDO came out on top, which stands for Enabling Development Opportunities, which is exactly what they do!

After settling on the name, we moved onto branding and began by examining their competitors and created a brand which looked professional, refreshing, helped them stand out from their competition and appeal to both individuals and businesses.

Then came the moment of truth; the Humans presented EDO to Ian and Andy, who loved it and got it right away. Phew!

We then turned our attention to their website, I thought it would look very nice if it had my face all over it, but apparently that wasn’t ‘in keeping with the branding’.

The Humans decided they knew better and began scoping the website out by looking at everything the website needed to offer, who it would appeal to and what kind of functions it needed.

After the websites wire frame was signed off, we were able to move onto creating visuals and deciding how the website should look.

Once the website had been designed and agreed, we finally began developing the website.

I tried to help out where I could but was quickly told that ‘feafl jiofejifa jfe;o awfiljo’ wasn’t real code, so I watched, by that I mean went to sleep.

To ensure EDO’s branding was consistent across all of their touch points we developed smart email templates, computer backgrounds and updated their social media accounts with new graphics and the new name.


Chops the pug in a green tieYou might think I’m just a lazy Pug who likes to sleep a lot, however I do like to help out where I can and the EDO project gave me just that op-paw-tunity.

After sorting the name and branding out, we moved onto addressing their print.

Despite what George will tell you, and what you might read, print isn’t dead. In fact it’s very useful and beats digital paws down when it comes to things like business cards and ID badges.

As well as creating business cards and ID badges, we also created EDO letterheads and compliment slips.

I must confess I did eat a few of the prototypes; my excuse was the colour wasn’t quite green enough but really they just looked tasty.





A quick word from The Marketing People / Humans

We found the EDO project very challenging and exciting as it covered a lot of our services, which meant we all got to work together, which is always a nice thing. We’re incredibly proud of the brand that we’ve created, so proud we made The Marketing Dogs wear lime green ties, and we look forward to continuing to work with EDO.

If you own a small business in the Cannock, Burntwood, Lichfield, Staffordshire or West Midlands area and need help with; renaming, branding, website design or creative design, please get in touch for a chat about how we can benefit your business. Either fill in our online contact form, or call us on 01543 495 752.

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