Branding: Alan Taman – Testimonial

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Branding testimonial

We were recently engaged to create a brand for copywriter, Alan Taman.

We had an initial meeting with Alan to learn about who he is and what he wants to achieve with his business. From that, we were able to establish a clear value proposition and intended positioning for him, one that would help differentiate his offer to the target audience. Following this we followed our proven brand design process to develop the brand – and this is the result!

Alan was absolutely over the moon with it and has now asked us to create his business cards.

‘Again, thanks for the work you put in on the brand. I like it when creative people get stuff right; especially when it’s my money they’re spending to do it!  (I’m usually the one trying to create.) That really is an auspicious and encouraging start.’– Thanks Alan!

Getting your branding right is important and can change how people perceive your business.


Keep an eye out next week for our post on why we feel business cards are important and see the business card we create for Alan Taman.


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