Browns Distribution Pick Up Award at the Sentinel Business Awards!

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Last night we attended the Sentinel Business Awards at Kings Hall in Stoke. To celebrate the success of one of our clients, Browns Distribution.

The evening saw local businesses being recognised for their work to reduce environmental impact, innovation, growth and more. You can see a full list of the winners and runners up on the This Is Staffordshire website.

Browns Distribution received a runners up award for the Environmental Business Award, which MD Dave Brown Jnr accepted. You can find out more about their continued development and work to reduce their carbon footprint. As well as the impact they have on the environment on their website.

Local entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell gave an honest and heartfelt motivational speech. Which we hope will have the desired effect and see local businesses continue to push for success in everything they do.

We’d like to thank Dave Brown for inviting us, and those who shared the table with us who made the evening a really enjoyable occasion.



Bonjour & Ni Hao,

We knew something strange was going on last night when Dad came downstairs in his penguin suit and Mum looked like a film star.

At first I thought all the snow we’ve had here in Burntwood had confused and attracted some penguins, however George told me they were off to another black tie event.

In my head, a black tie event looked a lot like that Penguin Spy in the Huddle documentary that was recently on TV.

George explained what a black tie event was and it didn’t sound too appealing, how am I supposed to sleep with a room full of clapping people? George of course said he wouldn’t mind eating a black tie.

Unfortunately it wasn’t only the issue about not being able to sleep that prevented us from going. While George’s tuxedo still fits him, my dress is far too big now I’ve lost weight.

We would have woofed loved, to give Dave Brown a high paw for Browns Distribution award!

We love it when Dave comes to the office; he always plays with us and takes pictures of us for his girlfriend who loves Pugs and French Bulldogs. We’d love to meet her, we bet she’d give us lots of love and attention and if there’s two things we love more than food, it’s love and attention.

P.S Dave, if you still want that lizard we suggest you get Jess a Pug or a Frenchy, and then you can bring him or her into play with us!

Paws & Licks,

Chops & George

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