Burntwood Rugby Club Summer Ball 2018 – We are ready to Go!

Burntwood RUFC Summer Ball 2018

Burntwood rugby club summer ball 2018

Burntwood Rugby Club Summer Ball 2018

Tomorrow, 7th July 2018 is the Burntwood Rugby Club Summer Ball, we cant wait for kick off @ 7PM and were not talking about the football World Cup Finals!!

Of course the evening follows England’s football match against Sweden, so we cannot go on without wishing our boys the best of luck in Russia although its the wrong shaped ball… at least that’s what they keep telling us!

So whats happening?

  • black tie event
  • drinks reception
  • three course dinner from the clubs new catering partner Perry’s Fine Foods
  • live music from ‘Groove 45’ & DJ ‘Rainbow Sounds’
  • a superb gin bar!
  • selected wines, beers, lagers, ciders, spirits & soft drinks available with waitress service prior to and during dinner.
  • in addition to the drinks there is a fantastic wine list + gin and mixer menu
  • a raffle with some great prizes

Its going to be amazing!

follow the link below for more information on Burntwood RUFC teams plus future fixtures and events.


The Marketing People are honoured to be a Burntwood Rugby Club kit sponsor, so we have duly reserved a table at Burntwood’s premier black tie event.

Mustn’t forget however, we also consulted on, designed and printed the following items which you can also see in the picture! Looks like the ‘Gin Bar’ is going to be prominent!

  • the tickets!
  • wine and food menu
  • gin and mixer menu
  • the event poster
  • the gin bar signage
  • last but not least, the giant welcome sign and table plan!

Cant wait to see everyone there.

Need help with items & promotional marketing for your event? Contact The Marketing People.

01543 495752 – contact@themarketingpeople.com and ask for David, Amanda, Laurie, Ash, Richard, Chopsy, Sammy or George.

A Fabulous Destination – Anthony John Salons

anthony john salons blog post

We are very pleased to announce that one of our latest web projects is now live.


Anthony John Salons is an award winning hair salon based in the beautiful Heart of the Country Shopping Village near Lichfield. The salon is situated within a stunning, spacious barn conversion; the brand simply oozes sublime quality and luxury. It is THE hair destination.

Having started working with Tony, the founder at Anthony John Salons a good few years back, The Marketing People helped create the beautiful brand we know today. Of course, we did a few other bits too; we developed the website, designed and produced all the signage, the price lists, the appointment cards the gift vouchers ………stop us here, we could go on and on and on!

As we all know technology moves at a fast pace and keeping up with it can be challenging. It was time to revisit the original website and move ahead with a new fully responsive site that would be a beautiful showcase for the salon.
The project started by planning as all marketing projects should. If we could make that word PLANNING shout out at people when they are reading this, we would (Hmmm maybe we should develop an app for that). Planning is essential, that is why when we work with our clients, even those we have worked with for years we go back to the beginning and take a look at the bigger picture – it is not just about building a website.

With the brief agreed we went about producing wireframes that showed how each element of the site would work and how the structure and navigation would sit. Our designers worked closely with the client to select the right imagery and photography alongside our copywriters offering content guidance and creation.
Once all these elements were in place our talented marketing, content design & development team got to work, and the result is the fabulous responsive website you can now feast your eyes upon.

www.anthonyjohn-salons.co.uk just in case you missed it the first time.

Before and after

old anthony john site

responsive website

So how does all this help you and your business?

And what’s the point in a responsive website, you already have a website right?

Whether we like it or not we live in a multi-device world. Mobile web traffic has exceeded that of the personal computer; you cannot ignore the stats. Having a mobile/pad friendly site is not just a nice to have it is an absolute must! It is like having a high-street shop but keeping the door locked! People know you are there but can’t get in.
Fully responsive across all tech is, of course, a must for today’s savvy web searchers. For those of you who are not quite sure what responsive means:
Whether people are searching for your business or services on their phone, their pad, their TV or any other form of web-enabled techsearchery device they will be able to view your website perfectly without the horrible frustration of it not displaying as it should. Its simple if you pop out to buy milk from Tesco’s and its closed you go somewhere else don’t you. You do not wait around parched for Tesco’s to open again!

Rapid Response gets Rapid Results with their digital ad campaign.

rapid response gets rapid results header

rapid response gets rapid results header

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been involved in a few really exciting projects with Rapid Response. A care provider serving Cannock, Stafford and surrounding areas. 

From updating their website, holding a photoshoot for their team, to creating adverts for their latest vacancy. We’ve really enjoyed working with Mitch and the team so far.

We’ve been working on some printed ads for local publications such as the Stafford Directory. As well as digital ads for their social media and on screen displays, to push their recruitment campaign.

This week marks the first of their digital adverts going live in Stafford, on the large screen outside of Couture. Which you’ll be able to see the through until the start of January!

Though the advert hasn’t been live for more than a few days, they have been inundated with calls. Which is a great response, and shows the power of a great marketing campaign. By updating their site, launching multiple adverts across different channels and keeping up to date on their social media, they have been able to ensure a successful start to their recruitment drive.

If you’re looking to go into care, or looking for a change in company. And would like to take advantage of flexible shift patterns, free uniforms and free training, why not call Rapid Response on 01543 220868 to arrange an immediate interview?

Rapid response recruitment ad


We’re now working together on the invitations for the Rapid Response Christmas party. We’re looking forward to future projects in the New Year. You can read all about the work we have done together so far in our case studies.

If you’d like to see what we could do for your ad campaign, or you need to get your recruitment drive up and running, give us a call on 01543 495752 to see what we could do for you.

Taking care of Training Manuals for Quality Care

Quality Care Montage

Quality Care Montage

Even if your businesses internal documents will never be seen by customers it’s still important to make sure they are in brand.

As well as reinforcing the brand for your staff. It also shows them that you’re paying real attention to everything involving the business. Including internal documents which don’t have to be in brand.

Handing your staff a branded, neat and tidy training manual may boost moral. Because it makes them feel like they belong and that you’ve gone to the effort to produce something that looks nice for them to use.

We were recently approached by long-time clients of ours, Quality Care. Who wanted training manuals printing to give to their trainees and trainers. To ensure their 100+ trainees were trained correctly and were compliant.

After receiving the training manual in various formats. We edited it, added contents pages, formatted it and compiled it into one master PDF.

We were then able to move onto the graphic design process. Which involved applying the brand and designing a cover.

Once the graphic design stage was completed, we proofread it. Had it approved by the client and sent the training manual off to print and had it delivered to the client.

What did quality care have to say?

Quality Care were thrilled with their new, updated and branded training manuals!

‘I would like to thank you and your team for your professional assistance with the conception and completion of our new training materials. You have provided faultless service throughout and I would not hesitate to promote and recommend your services.

Once again many thanks and look forward to working with you in the future.’

–          Richard Smith, CEO

Whether your customers see a document or not. It’s worth putting the same amount of effort into branding internal documents than you do into branding client facing documents and marketing collateral.

If you’re looking for internal documents to be designed. Or marketing collateral such as brochures or catalogues. We can help create something that will benefit your business. To find out more and arrange a chat call us on 01543 387 047 or fill in our online contact form.

Barking in the boardroom; it’s a dogs life!

barking in the boardroom, its a dogs life

barking in the boardroom, its a dogs life

Bonjour et nihao Humans,

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a busy day today; Gareth, Lauren and Laura from Morgan Signs & Design have been in talking about digital marketing and social media.

Our good furiends at Morgan Signs & Design design manufacture, install, maintain and renovate signs for pubs, restaurants, hotels, shops, businesses and more. (Which reminds us, we must send Gareth an email asking if he can create us a sign for the kitchen saying ‘No Cats Allowed’, that’s our bedroom cats!)

The humans had a chat with them about how they could help them with their digital and printed marketing material and are now looking into creating both printed and digital brochures and newsletters fur them.

For those of you who don’t remember the great print is dead debate of 2012, both of us have strong feelings towards print and digital. Chops favours printed marketing material, while I prefer digital marketing material so I can view it on my iBone.

Being furry and clued up, once the conversation moved to social media we were able to take ofur and talk to them about how social media could help their business.

A couple of weeks ago we created a LinkedIn Company Page for Morgan Signs & Design and after todays bark, we are planning to design, develop and build a blog which is integrated into their existing website and help them manage their blog.

Of course, when we say we’re going to do it, we mean we’re going to delegate the task to the Humans and take up a supervisory role.

Once we’d set them straight on social media, things got more serious as we turned to the topic of office pets.

We’ve been told that they have an office goldfish (zzzzzz) and Lauren and Laura feel they need something a bit furrier and woofier in the office.

We sat Gareth down and had a furry serious conversation with him about the benefits of office dogs. In fact, that’s what we’re doing in the picture above; we put on our best puppy dog eyes, tried our best to stop moulting for a minute and looked adorable.

It was lovely to meet Gareth, Lauren and Laura and we would like to extend our paws and them them for their time and the tasty treats and hope they got something out of it, other than dog slobber and fur. We look paward, oops forward, to seeing them soon and there better be a dog in tow next time!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to snore very loudly.

Love and licks,
George & Chops

P.S Gareth, when you get your office dog, you can bring him or her to us for office dog training where we will be able to teach your new recruit how to;
– Snore all day
– Bark at the postman
– Empty the dustbins
– Ride chairs
– Clean up leftover lunch

Best of all, it will only cost you a chewy bone…each.

Branding & Creative Design for Burntwood & District CFRs.

Community First Responders leaflet and stand

Community First Responders leaflet and stand

The Burntwood District Community First Responders (CFRs) are a group of volunteers who respond to emergency calls on behalf of the West Midlands Ambulance Service and are able to arrive at the scene and begin treatment before the Ambulance arrives.

Recently the CFRs approached us to design an exhibition stand and leaflet for a fundraising event they’re holding at Veolia in Cannock. Who very kindly allow the CFRs to store their First Response vehicle at their premises which are secure and allow them access to the vehicle 24/7.

If you wish to attend and support the CFRs, the event will take place on Friday morning on the 21st June. You will be able to find their stand in the foyer at Veolia.


The Challenge

Fundraising is essential to the CFRs as they are all volunteers who do it in their spare time. So without donations they won’t be able to afford new equipment or a much needed Response Car. As their existing one has over 102,000 miles on the clock.

So the message we needed to get across to the local community was this. Without public support they won’t be able to respond to emergency calls and offer people life saving treatment.


The Answer

When the CFRs initially got in touch with us they didn’t have a brand at all. So in order to help them raise awareness, we consulted with them and followed our branding process. Which looks at who you are and what you do, to develop the Burntwood Community First Responders brand.

Before we could begin the creative design process we looked at the key marketing messages. Which needed to be on the exhibition stand and leaflet. These included; who the CFRs are, what they do and a strong call to action which encourages people to donate to them.

After looking at the key marketing messages we were able to move onto creative design and design an exhibition stand for the event and a leaflet which will be given out on stand and will be used in local businesses to help raise awareness throughout the community.


What’s Next?

We like helping out charities or volunteer groups wherever we can and as a Burntwood based business we felt it was important that we supported our local CFRs as the work they do is brilliant and we may benefit from their help one day. We will continue to support them and will be looking to help them with their website in the near future.


If you would like to find out more about the Community First Responders visit their website, where you can also support them and make a donation via PayPal.

To find out how we can help you with marketing that offers you real opportunities to sell your products or services, call us on 01543 387 047 or email us at contact@themarketingpeople.com.


Proof that Great Email Marketing Messages Generate Leads.

edo email image

edo email image

Following on from the renaming and repositioning of SSC Learning to edo earlier this year. They couldn’t wait to get out there and start telling people about how edo could benefit businesses and help learners.

Once we had completed the rebrand. Designed and developed their website and updated all of their social media to include their new name and branding. We began working with edo to do their marketing, beginning with their email marketing.

In the past they had tried email marketing, including their own internal emails. But had never really seen any benefit from it.


The Challenge

After many years of providing solutions and training in the care sector. edo have a really good understanding how people working in that sector felt about apprenticeships. And their concerns about taking out a loan to fund their qualifications.

This meant that marketing messages need to be targeted and relevant to the decision makers. To inform and reassure them that funding doesn’t have to be as scary and confusing as it sounds.


The Answer

We worked closely with edo, utilising our combined knowledge of the care sector to develop messages which showed the decision makers empathy and understanding. And provided them with a real solution and links to pages on their website which contained more information.

After developing the key messages and calls to action, we designed and built three different versions of the email. A plain text version, a HTML version and an online version. All of which were mobile optimised, meaning that any type of client or prospect would be able to view the email. Before sending the email we also ran it through the spam checker on our email marketing software to ensure it would get through spam filters and into recipients inboxes.


So What?

Just 20 minutes after the email was sent, edo received an inbound call from a prospect. Who had read the email and visited the website, and following a conversation they are now a confirmed edo client.

The good news doesn’t stop there. That phone call was the very first inbound lead edo have ever had, as both edo and SSC Learning. So the edo team couldn’t be happier.



After seeing the results they received from their first email marketing campaign, they are chomping at the bit to get on with some more. As a result we are going to work with them to create email invites for their launch party. And run email marketing campaigns about qualification funding and how edo are able to help recruitment companies.


Here at The Marketing People it’s really important to us that our work benefits our clients. That it provides them with good opportunities to sell their products or services, so we’re never happier than we are when we find out that our work has helped a business gain a sale or a new customer.


Contact Us

If you’re a business based in Burntwood, Lichfield, Cannock, Staffordshire or the West Midlands and are looking for marketing that really works, get in touch to find out how we can benefit your business. Call us on 01543 387 047 or email us at contact@themarketingpeople.com

If you’re a business owner looking to develop your workforce’s skills or you’re looking to further your education, whether you’re a jobseeker or in employment, visit edo’s website to see if they might be able to help you.

Email Marketing Campaigns That Deliver – Browns Distribution

email marketing campaigns that deliver

email marketing campaigns that deliver

Email marketing is a simple and easy way to reach your customers. Better yet it allows you to easily segment your customers and send each group an email targeted to them.

After working with Staffordshire based Browns Distribution at the end of last year to rejuvenate their brochure for the New Year ahead. They engaged our email marketing services to help them introduce their brand to prospects.

The aim of the email campaign was to introduce prospects to the brand. To ensure that existing clients were aware of their full range of services and ultimately, to generate leads and sales over a series of three emails. The email campaign is also being supported by a direct mail flier, which also lists their services.

To ensure their email was successful and beneficial to their customers and prospects. We worked with the team at Browns Distribution to create a list of key messages which needed to be included in the email.

After working out the key messages and calls to action, we were able to create a visual. Then build an email which was inline with Browns Distribution’s branding and would get through contacts spam filters.

Before sending the email we also asked Browns Distribution to update key areas of their website. So that the website would support the email campaign and encourage any visitors from the email to download their brochure.

Our Email Marketing Works

The email successfully generated leads for Browns Distribution. One of which was a prospect they had been trying to get in touch with for the past 12 months and had been refused through the normal sales channel.

Using the stats, open rates and click throughs from the reporting system. The Browns Distribution Business Development Team were also able target effective follow ups.

If you want an email marketing campaign which works and delivers against your goals, get in touch with The Marketing People to find out more. Call us on 01543 387 047 or email us at contact@themarketingpeople.com