Christmas (dog) Jumper Day!

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Christmas Jumper Day Dogs

Ca fait longtemps! (That’s ‘long time no see’ in French for you.)

We’ve been furry busy over the past couple of months in the run up to Christmas but we’ve got some spare time to talk to you about something super pawesome that’s happening tomorrow: Christmas Jumper Day!

Set up to raise money for charity, Christmas Jumper Day sees humans across the UK putting on funky Christmas jumpers and donating to charity on Friday 12th December.

We don’t see why dogs can’t get involved and we’re pulling on our own festive woollies for the day.

I would happily wear my Christmas jumper every day of the year. Chops, on the other paw, was a lot more resistant but said that she would sacrifice her dignity for the good of charity. Believe me when I tell you it took a whole sausage to coax her into wearing her jumper for 10 minutes today to take this photo.

We will be making a donation to the NSPCC, who are a charity close to effuryone at The Marketing People.

We would like to extend a paw to our furry and human friends and encourage you to don your Christmas jumpers on Friday 12th December and donate to a charity close to your hearts.

If any of you whip out your Christmas jumpers, we’d woof to see the pictures so please tweets us @themrketingdogs

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