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    Before we invest any of your hard earned money we find out a bit more about your business, your goals, how you work and key metrics. This enables us to put a proposal together for you, cutting waste by 80%... of time and money.

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    Google Search Ads

    With 3.5 Billion searches every day, people use Google to find solutions to their problems in the moment, and giving you the opportunity to reach those people when needed most.

    Display Network (GDN)

    Google Display Network, allows you to reach people across 2 million websites and reaches over 90% of the worldwide internet usage.You may have already experienced this by seeing Ads on the websites you visit every day.

    Call Recording on PPC Campaigns

    As a client of The Marketing People, we record inbound calls which enable you to identify inhouse training needs and increase opportunities for upselling your products and services.

    YouTube Ads

    Is a fantastic way to not just engage with your audience but also reach customers who are looking for your services or products. YouTube Ads is set up from within Google Ads and enables you to reach customers and build a deeper relationship with them.

    Bing Ads

    If you have a Microsoft phone or device the chances are your default browser is Bing. Although a much smaller search engine, we can help you achieve results via Bing Ad, known as Mircosoft Ads these days.

    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Engage with those who are interested in your products and be seen across social media. We can help you reach your sales goals.

    “The outcome of increased sales and reduced cost per lead by over 50% per client was better than expected. The Marketing People Ads team produced bi-weekly campaign videos which summarised the results, making it quicker and easier for me to understand, as a non-techy person.”

    Call us on 01543 241247