Google Ads

Google AdWords can cause confusion even in the most tech-savvy businesses.

It takes skill, creativity and patience to create the perfect ad. So when your to do list is as taking over your desk, it can be hard to summon up those three things within your working day.

At The Marketing People, we aim to provide profitable campaigns that get results for our clients in Staffordshire.

Our staff are Google AdWords certified, meaning we have been put through our paces by Google, testing our knowledge of campaigns, ads and best practises.

Each campaign is different, so each project is different. We work with your company to achieve your own goals. From organising your account to give you the best start, to making amendments following reports, we ensure you’re set up to achieve your goals.

So what can we do for your business?

AdWords Review

If you already have AdWords set up, and you’re maybe even running a few campaigns, but you’re not sure if they’re working or what your money’s going on, then maybe it’s time to get your account reviewed. Get an idea of which parts of your campaign are profitable, and which are ready to be removed. Find out how you could be improving your quality score, or maybe it’s time to review your budget.

We will provide a detailed review of your Google AdWords account, and what you could improve on. So you can make your AdWords work for you. You can then choose whether to implement those changes yourself, or work with us on an AdWords strategy.

AdWords Initial Consultation

Once you have had a review, or if you want to start a campaign from scratch, we’ll look at what your goals are, and how we can help you reach them. We’ll sit down at our offices in Burntwood, and go through the best type of advert for you, suggested keywords and projected spend for the beginning of the campaign.

AdWords Set up

If you’re happy to go ahead with what we’ve suggested, we can get your campaign set up, with your keywords and ads in place, and get you started with your paid search set up so your ads begin to appear for relevant terms.

AdWords Monitoring

We know it can be hard to keep on top of AdWords when you’ve got a million other things you need to do, but AdWords only works when you are constantly reviewing and improving your ads and keywords. This is why we offer the AdWords Monitoring service, where we do all the hard work for you.