Digital Marketing

Our in-house digital marketing experts can help you increase inbound calls, get more sales appointments, and increase your product sales, by targeting your ideal clients using the world’s top platforms. We can get your brand, product or service to the right person, at the right time.

We can help you build relationships with your target audience through Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

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Initial Consultation

We ensure your digital marketing campaigns continually bring benefits to your business.

In the initial consultation we will:

  • Review your current marketing & advise on any gaps
  • Confirm your specific goals & objectives, so we can tailor your ad campaigns accordingly, in order to reach these


To ensure your ads achieve your business goals, we start with intensive research before setting up your campaigns.

At this stage, we will

  • Review your web landing page & amend where required, to increase conversion rates
  • Undertake competitor keyword & audience research
  • Choose the relevant networks that will reach your target audience

We will then set up your ads, including:

  • Dedicated call number – We want you to know your numbers, so we track your results, including inbound calls from your ads
  • Call recording – Enabling you to train team members & optimise your results


Unlike many other agencies, we give you continued analysis of your campaign.

Within the management of your campaign we discuss your budget, so there are no unexpected charges.

You will receive a biweekly video review of your campaign, showing you in real time what is working well, and where we need to change course.


Remarketing is critical for any campaign, to understand how to track your target customers around 2.5 million websites.

The average customer buying cycle is 21 days. Remarketing allows you to stay in touch with prospects for over 300 days, improving your chances of winning the sale.

We will create remarketing campaigns targeted at those who have expressed an interest in your product or service, either by visiting your website or watching your content etc., to convert them into customers.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

We create and manage effective e-mail marketing campaigns that get you more sales.

To ensure your e-mails are read and actioned, we help with the strategy and execution of e-mail campaigns so you can attract, engage, convince and convert your contacts into customers.


In the initial consultation, we will review your current e-mail communication and look at ways to increase your open rates.

We will also confirm your goals and objectives, so we can plan your e-mail campaign to reach these.

At this point we will link in with your current e-mail provider where required.


To create your successful e-mail marketing campaign, we write engaging content with specific calls to action, against your business objectives.

We will then create the concept & design, before setting up & inputting the data.

Sends & Reporting

We will monitor your e-mails and manage your sends & resends.

Video reporting is included where required, to ensure you stay focused on the agreed outputs of your campaign.

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