Discover the Secrets of Native Ad Networks

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By now you should understand Google Ads- if not, click here to watch the video explaining those Search and Display Ads.

What Are Native Ads?

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are Native Ad Networks that provide social interaction and connections.

Native Ad Networks like Taboola and Outbrain offer geotargeting of your potential customers, based on the content they are consuming, like pet blogs, or fashion content, or home and garden sites.

These networks do not allow Google Ads to run on their platforms, meaning your Google Ad campaigns cannot be viewed by the users who are looking at content on these networks.

If you have a product or service where your target audience is not searching directly, or they are reading blogs and content on the interests they have, i.e. fashion blogs, business blogs, then Native Ad Networks will provide an opportunity to place adverts in front of a massive audience.

As you can see below, these Ads don’t look like ads. From the image, the headlines are different to what you see on GDN (Google Display Network).

Native Ads allow you to target content that is relevant to the viewer, to drive awareness of your brand, products and services and push towards consideration and action.

Search Vs Native Ad Network

It’s like asking which one works best, Facebook or Google?

If you sell a service or a product that people look for online, then it would be crazy not to use Google Search as that is the number one for search.

Then, use Facebook and other Native Ad Networks to remarket over the 21 day cycle to the sale.

They are different networks and must be viewed in context of what you are looking to achieve in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you sell a service and/or product where people aren’t searching directly, or you wish to extend the reach and opportunities to sell, you can target people when they aren’t searching but just consuming content online that is relevant to your offering.

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