Email Marketing: Chasing Leads Isn’t As Fun As Chasing Wagons

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email markeing, chasing leads isn't as fun as chasing wagons

Bonjour Humans,

I woof, oops I mean love, email marketing, it’s so much better than direct mail, though Chops will tell you otherwise.

Email marketing allows you to do a huge amount of things; such as send out information about offers, new products, blog posts, helpful tips and much more.

Thanks to the power of statistics, you can monitor and measure views, clicks, replies, where the user clicked through to and whether they converted, allowing you to determine your ROI in the wag of a tail.

You may remember reading a blog post last week by the humans about a great email campaign they created for Staffordshire based distribution company, Browns Distribution.

I got really excited when I heard that sales team at Browns Distribution had been busy chasing leads as a result of the email. When the humans explained to me what ‘leads’ were it’s fair to say I was disappointed, it’s not nearly as exciting as it sounds.

Though, the idea of chasing wagons does interest me. The idea of having a lorry full of bones and treats delivered to me super quickly interests me more though.

Must dash, going to get on my iBone and call Browns and ask them how quickly they can get a lorry full of bones to me.

If you’re interested in email marketing campaigns which will generate leads for your business (who isn’t?) get on the dog and bone and give my humans a call on 01543 495 752.


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