Facebook Nearby Helps Users to Discover Your Business.

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facebook nearby helps users to discover your business

Facebook have updated their Nearby App to help users find businesses which are near to them.

The app, which is not available to all users yet, allows people to check in. Or to recommend and like a business, making it easier for users to decide which restaurant, club, bakery or business to visit.

Nearby allows people to search under categories, for example ‘restaurants’. It will then show a list of restaurants near the user along with information. Such as whether friends have checked in their, how they rated it and any recommendations they left.

All of this information is vital to the user who is looking for the best value for money. And they can now make his or her decision based on the experiences their friends had there.

For example, if their friends didn’t give a restaurant a particularly good rating because the service was poor, the user might decide not to go there and to go to another restaurant which has better service.


How can Nearby help your business?

Nearby can help users discover your business and positive recommendations and ratings will encourage them to visit you instead of your competition.

It also encourages businesses to ensure they are providing their customers with the best possible service or products to help them stand out against their competition and earn positive feedback, which may encourage more people to use them.

When a user ‘checks in’ to a place on Facebook, the update will include a link to the Facebook page of the place they’re checking into. This update is then posted to their timeline and will show up in their friends newsfeeds, which provides an opportunity for their friends to click through to the page and find out about your business.


How can my business show up in Nearby?

To show up in Nearby you need to make sure your business is correctly set up as a Facebook Page and not a Personal Page, the difference being that Personal Pages are for individuals and Facebook Pages are for businesses, products, sports teams etc.

If your business is set up correctly you then need to check your business has a category. You can check and change this by editing your page, and checking you have the correct category on the ‘basic information’ tab.

You also need to ensure your address is correct and the pin is in the right place on the map. If it’s not correct you can change this in the ‘Basic Information’ tab.

If you have all of this information on your Facebook Page you should see your business start to show up in Nearby.

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