Facebook News Feed Updates & What It Means For Page Owners.

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What facebook newsfeed updates mean for page owners

Yesterday Facebook announced a major overhaul to users News Feeds. Which will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Let’s take a look at these changes and what they mean for Page owners and marketers.

The new News Feed really focuses on making visual things much more prominent. Creating a much richer and more interesting user experience for users and really putting a real emphasis on content.

Images & Video

Facebook newsfeed update

During the announcement Mark Zuckerberg commented that nearly 50% of all content on Facebook is visual. Which is really the crux of this update.

Facebook is making images and videos much larger in your News Feed. Which is brilliant news for Page owners as we know that images get a much higher rate of engagement on average than a text update.

For Page owners this means the more interesting visual content you can create, the better.

As you can see from the image above, text is placed over the top of the image. So keep that in mind when creating any images with text on them as it could be difficult to read.



As well as images, articles and links are now more prominent. So it’s now more important than ever to ensure your image and titles are really eye-catching.



When a user likes a page, the pages profile photo and header image will show up in the News Feed.

This means you need to ensure your header image is striking and interesting. It also means that now is a good time to make sure your entire logo is visible in your profile photo and no part of it has been cut off.



Good news for restaurants, shops, music venues or any business with a property that customers can walk into or visit because maps are also more prominent in the updated News Feed.

If you don’t already do it, start encouraging customers to ‘check in’ to your page.


Third-Party Apps


As with all of the other updates to the News Feed, things shared via third-party apps are larger as shown above.

For example, images pinned to Pinterest will be larger, which is great news if your business is active on Pinterest and you’re encouraging customers or potential customers to re-pin your photos.


Multiple News Feeds

Users now have a choice of multiple News Feeds; All Friends, Most Recent, Close Friends, Music, Photos, Gaming and Following.

Most of those are pretty self-explanatory, aside from Following, which is a News Feed consisting of updates from Pages a user likes. What’s so odd about this is that ‘Following’ isn’t a term used on Facebook, and users ‘Like’ a Page, they don’t ‘Follow’ a page.

Having separate feeds doesn’t mean that all of a sudden everyone who ‘Likes’ your Page will be able to see your updates. The Facebook EdgeRank algorithm will still decide which users see your updates.


These changes will be rolling out to all users over the coming weeks, however if you just can’t wait you can join the waiting list.

While the new News Feed will roll out gradually, some of the new features, such as the profile photo and header images showing up when a users ‘Likes’ a Page have already begun showing up in some users News Feeds.

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