Gardening Delights – the Next Step is to Ad-Words

gardening delights - the next step is adwords

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gardening delights - the next step is adwords

Gardening Delights have been clients of ours for the past six years. During that time we have; consulted, re-branded and developed their initial web presence.

We’ve scoped, designed and developed their latest ecommerce website. Along with their Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages.

We’ve run email campaigns, printed various retailer posters, fliers and we manage their SEO and social media ongoing. Just to name a few things we’ve done for them.

Gardening Delights’ passion for making recycling simpler and easier, has meant they have been involved in supplying their caddies and compostable & biodegradable liners to over 70 regions throughout the UK. Where council run food waste schemes are in operation.

Along with a brilliant range of caddies and liners, they offer grow your own products, including leaf sacks and compost bins to help you tidy up your garden this autumn.

There’s also a large range of sustainable gifts, ornaments & the rather unusual and seasonal items to suit all ages.

Our latest project with them is to scope, set up, run and manage an AdWords campaign, initially focusing on their Birdcare and Liners ranges.

Perhaps you would like to see their range of great products that they have on offer to help you create an outdoor space that will impress.

BUT, so as not to waste our clients AdWords budget, we’ll provide you with a nice link to their website. So you can take a look at their selection of sustainable and unusual products and gifts, and wonder which bird feeder would look best in your garden.


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