Get Well Soon Percy Pigeon!

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get well soon percy pigeon

Bonjour Humans,

Have you missed us? It’s been a while since we spoke last, but something very interesting happened yesterday and we felt we had to share it with you.

Yesterday morning we were woken by a thud, and went to the window ready to bark at whatever had dared to wake us up. When we arrived there we saw that a baby pigeon had flown into the studio window and was making himself comfortable on the window ledge.

We watched him for a while and did our best to find out what was the matter but unfortunately dogs can’t speak pigeon. Chops and I named him Percy and decided to keep a close eye on him.


After a while he tried to fly away but was struggling and wasn’t able to furry very far, so the Humans decided he needed some help.

By the power of Google they were able to find a local rescue centre called Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue and took Percy over to see if they could help.

Wendy said he was only a baby and was too young to fly properly and as a result hadn’t been able to eat for a few days.  When they arrived they were met by Wendy, who helps to run the centre, who took a look at our pal Percy.

She gave him some disgusting looking food which he enjoyed and said she would keep him safe and help him return to full health before releasing him back into the wild.


pigeonOnce Percy was all settled and comfortable in his new home, Wendy showed the Humans round the centre, where they take care of hedgehogs and lots of different kinds of wild birds.

The rescue works hard to help animals get over injuries and regain their strength and introduces them back into the wild when they’re healthy again.

Chops and I think people like Wendy are brilliant. We think it’s pawesome that there are people looking out for our fellow furry, feathered, spiky and scaly friends and helping them return to their homes.


Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue is partly funded by Pets at Homes Adoption Scheme, however they still rely on public donations.

If you woof love animals as much as us and want to help the centre continue caring for animals, please considering making a donation which can be done by cheque.

Finally, we wanted to say get well soon Percy and thank you to Hedgehog and Garden Bird Rescue, Wendy and the rest of your volunteers.

Love and licks,

George and Chops.

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