Getting Social at the BWCA Conference

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The Marketing People at the BWCA Conference

You may have seen a few weeks ago our post about the BWCA conference. And how excited we were to not only work with them on the marketing of the event, but to be taking part ourselves.

And we’re happy to report it was another fantastic turnout thanks to the hard efforts of the BWCA. With some extremely polished and inspirational presentations from Zenith International, Just a Drop and Simon Weston.

The Marketing People also held a seminar on not being anti-social with your inbound marketing. Which was well attended, and hosted by our MD David Mitchell and Client Services Executive Lauren Keeling.

Though the audience wasn’t quite ready for David’s audience participation (see our presentation download for more information on that one), everyone had a great time getting involved eventually.

We received some fantastic feedback following the seminar. Especially on how it differed from other social seminars. With many finding it more of a refreshing discussion of the why you should be using social. Rather than a lecture on how you should be using social.

We find a lot of people who attend social seminars are a little sick of hearing the same clichéd phrases, but not actually getting any value. Every business is different, so the social they want to use and their marketing approach will all be different. Which is why we wanted to look at how we got to using social for business. Why it could actually work for your business. How you can incorporate it into your business, and how do you gain anything back from it.


How we got to social media marketing

The marketing people team with BWCA Chairman John Dundon
The Marketing People with BWCA Chairman John Dundon

Realistically social is nothing new, it is the same principles used within sales for many years, just with new technology. Whilst this new technology may seem fast moving, and unapproachable at times, it is using the same ideas as a regular sales process. It’s just enabling you to do things better, faster, and on a bigger platform than ever before.

Social, and other inbound marketing processes enable you as a company to be more customer centric than company centric. Handing over parts of the sales and marketing process to the customers to complete for themselves when they are ready.


Why it could actually work for your business

An awful lot of companies have been told they need to be on social. So they create the page, and when nothing materialises within a week, social is declared as useless. But social can be amazing. If, and only if, you take the time to nurture it for its proper uses.

Social can build your brand awareness, engage potential customers and maintain current customer relationships. It can help you gain more leads for your business, as well as drive more traffic back to your company website. And it also gives you more insight than ever before on those that are interested in your business. Meaning you can use that data to your advantage, so it is well worth the effort.


How you can incorporate it into your business?

So how do you use social media in your plan, and how on earth do you become ‘customer centric’? The simple answer is to put your ‘sales and marketing process’ online. Consider if you were to go to a networking event, you may introduce yourself to other business. Then leave your details with them, so they can get in touch in the future. If they showed interest perhaps you would show some of the work you have previously done. All the while showcasing knowledge of your industry, and keeping those around you entertained.

Inbound is just the same but online. You can introduce yourself on social media and connect with people so they can contact you easily in the future. You can link back to blogs on your site to showcase knowledge, or to answer a problem they may have, or you can link back to case studies to show the work you have done. Then instead of leaving your new contact to leaf through a brochure, or emails of info, they can easily move around your website through internal links.

90% of B2B buyers say when they are ready to buy, they’ll come to you. So make sure you are providing enough to attract the right people to you, and then enough to engage them when they reach you. You can also work on content to close the deal, and inspire your new customers to tell others about you.


How do you gain anything back from it?

Social takes hard work, consistent posting and a whole lot of patience. Social does not happen in a day. However, by establishing clear goals, working towards them and monitoring the results, you can make real headway in the world of social media. Exactly the same as you would in any other sales or marketing process.


Want to know more? You can find more information and advice in the full presentation, which is available for you to download for free below.

Click here to download the full social seminar

If you would like an honest chat about social media, or how your business can more of inbound marketing, why not contact one of our friendly team today, and see how we can help. Or if you would like to find more advice and tips on social media, check out our social blogs. 

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