Google all the way

Google all the way

Now we all know Google, or do we? We thought we would take a look at one of the most well known companies in the world, and see what interesting, unusual and unknown facts or stories we could find.

Now if you don’t know the history of Google, it is well worth a look in to. Google themselves have a brilliant timeline of their achievements, which actually makes for quite an interesting read. You can find out why they rent out goats, why they were originally called ‘Backrub’ and what their first tweet was from their twitter account.

We decided to look a little deeper into just a few facts that really stuck with us.


They run April Fools Pranks every year.

We knew that they run a prank or two, but these guys really go all out for the joke! You can find a full list of their pranks here (we warn you it’s quite a long read!). But we had to pick out a few of our favourites, which include:

  • 2008 Google Book Search Scratch and Sniff – Just place your nose near the monitor and click ‘Go’ to load odours. When this inevitably didn’t work and the user clicked ‘help’ they would be redirected to a page on the origins of April Fools Day.
  • 2010 Store anything on Google Docs – Your word docs, or your keys perhaps? What about your remote control? Just use CTRL – F to find, and pay to upload by the KG
  • 2012 Canine staffing team – Google revealed the recruitment process the Dooglers have to go through before they are welcomed to the Googleplex.
  • 2013 YouTube contest for the best video – YouTube announced it ‘will no longer accept new entries’ and it will select a winner and delete everything else. Can you imagine?
  • 2014 Chromecast for squirrels – The development of ‘paw-friendly’ apps for use by both humans and squirrels. Well how else are they going to catch up on their programmes?


Google have hidden games within the search engine.

Everyone needs a break every now and then and Google not only respects this but actively encourages it through the search engine itself.

If you search for ‘atari breakout’ in Google images and like magic, you are in a game. How cool is that?

And it doesn’t stop there. You can find all of the interactive doodles, and games that you can play right here. Fancy completing a rubix cube?  Perhaps a game of Zamboni? Or even a good old fashioned penalty shoot out? The list is actually endless, and serves as a great reminder of times gone by, as well as how the company has grown.

If you’re looking for serious procrastination, you can even build an empire in lego if that’s what you fancy. Also side fact, did you know that the first storage for Google was stored in Lego? As they needed something expandable. The original lego block is now on permanent loan to an exhibit in the Octagon. How cool is that?

We love that Google provides distraction, as well as every possible tool you may need to succeed.



Google Doodles

Have become a go to for many people now, and are updated daily to reflect national and international days, as well as events or tributes to indivduals.

The first of these were created by the founders in 1998 when they were attending the burning man festival in Nevada, and wanted to leave an ‘out of office’.  And as we know it has grown a huge amount since then, and now includes interactive doodles and games.

You can view all of their doodles throughout time in their Google doodle archive. (We just love saying Google Doodle to be honest!).



Google loves Dogs (We knew we had something in common!)

Employees are welcome to bring their dogs into the offices with them. Which started with one of the senior members of staff, but now runs as a company wide policy. Unfortunately cats aren’t as welcome, due to the large amount of canines, and this is apparently detailed within their ‘Dog Policy’.

As long as dogs are well behaved (and have a strong bladder) they are welcomed, and are cared for during the day.

You can also sense their love for dogs, as they have been a strong theme on their April Fools pranks too – Google Apps for Business Dogs,



They have all of the food

Google are well known for their passion of food and keeping their staff healthy and well fed. All their staff get their meals free. And not just your basic canteen meal, we’re talking gourmet food, and BBQ’s in the summer. You can see some of the amazing food on this Googler’s blog.

They also have mircokitchens. Small, snack filled kitchens placed around the offices to drop into if you’re feeling hungry. The founders of Google have been quoted to say that no Googler should have to go more than 100 feet for food. And it is a well known fact that new employee’s put on a huge amount of weight when they start. Well who wouldn’t be taking advantage of gourmet meals and infinite snacks?

This article from Business Insider, looks at how they don’t just buy and distribute food. They also run programs to grow food in sustainable ways. This is as well as staffing 185 cafe’s and serving over 108,000 meals a day.



What’s your favourite Google fact? Is there something we have left out in the list? Let us know in the comments!