Google+ Page Updates & How It Will Affect Your Business.

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google+ page updates and how it will affect your business

Keen to stay ahead of Facebook, Google+ announced and began rolling out changes to Profiles and Pages on Wednesday. The day before Facebook’s big News Feed announcement.

While changes have been rolled out to both Profiles and Pages, during this post we’ll be focusing on changes made to Pages and what that means for your business.


Cover Photos


Cadbury Google+ screenshot

The most noticeable, and inescapable, difference is the size of the cover photo which now has a maximum size of 2120 x 1192 at 16:9 ratio, as shown on the Cadbury UK Google+ Page.

When you scroll down the page the cover photo shrinks and turns into a banner which shows the very bottom of your cover photo and a scaled down version of your profile photo.

The banner has a dark filter on it, so we wouldn’t recommend hiding one of your key messages at the bottom of your cover photo a people won’t be able to see it when it’s in banner form.

The advantage of a huge cover photo is that since it takes up the majority of the page, you’ve got a huge amount of space to get your key messages across and even sneak in a call to action if you want.

Unlike Facebook there are no rules about what your cover photo can and cannot contain.

Your cover photo now also contains;

–          Your Page name

–          Your address

–          Phone number

–          Website

–          Any categories your page falls into

–          And the number of +1s your page has


Profile Pictures

The profile picture at the top of your Page is now circular, which means the majority of Page owners are going to have to resize or redesign their profile photo.

If you’re looking to quickly update your profile photo so that parts of your logo aren’t cut off; we found that using a 160 x 160 logo placed in the middle of a 250 x 250 canvas worked really well and ensured all of our logo was visible.


About Page

There has also been a significant update to the ‘About’ page which we haven’t got yet, however the Cadbury UK page is a good example.

The About page is split up into five colour coded sections: People, Story, Communities, Links and Contact Information.

People; This shows figures such as how many people have them in their circles or how many people are in your circles. It also shows a few people in their circles and a few people who have them in their circles.

Story; This is split into two sections, tagline and introduction. The tagline will as the name suggests, allow you to display your tagline, for example for us that would be ‘Big agency skills, small agency bills’.

Introduction; The Introduction section allows you to write a few paragraphs about your business and what you do.

Communities; Any communities your page has created will be shown here.

Contact Information; As the name suggests, this contains your contact information such as your email address, phone number and address.

Links; This allows you to include links to your website homepage, your Twitter page, Facebook, Youtube, and links to specific pages on your website.

The redesigned Google+ Pages look much cleaner and that huge cover photo gives you plenty of space to get your branding across. What do you think of the redesigned Google+ Pages?

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