Great Illustration of How Marketing Has Changed the Way You Can Win Business.

Great illustration of how marketing has changed the way you can win business

A great potted history of marketing. Taking in all the major technological and cultural shifts that have underscored its development as a movement, profession and science. Which is used by businesses to beat their competition and differentiate their offering and brand.

The More Than Branding blog post adds an interesting overview of the historical epochs. And comments on the current relationship and social changes that have driven how US consumers in particular research and purchase products/services.

While this infographic looks at the rise in popularity and future of social, digital, and mobile marketing. We have also recently seen an increase in direct mail and printed literature, maintaining its position as part of the ever expanding overall marketing mix.

We understand that for business owners and sales personnel this may appear to complicate the sales cycle. But the advantage of a suitable mix in your strategy enables analytical insight into potential leads, assisting you in moving them through the funnel.

Source: HubSpot – The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline

History of Marketing Infographic

History of Marketing Infographic

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