Happy Birthday Chops!

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happy birthday chops

Happy birthday to Chops, happy birthday to Chops, happy birthday dear Chops, happy birthday to you!

Today my lofurley sister and The Marketing People’s resident pug, Chops, turns four years old!

She started her morning off with sausages, new toys and a floral pink birthday hat, which she looks less than pleased about.

In her four years of ‘work’ we estimate that she has;

  • Spent 3,376 hours asleep on the job
  • Wagged her tail 8,500 times
  • Rubbed herself on every client to walk through our doors
  • Proofread efurry leaflet, brochure or catalogue we have designed
  • Destroyed three vacuums with her fur
  • Barked at six different postmen and women, not to mention countless couriers
  • Eaten 90 rounds of buttery toast on a Monday morning
  • Hidden 20 bones under her bed

Many happy returns Chops and we look forward to hearing the sound of your snoozing filling the office for many more years to come.

Love and licks,

George and the Humans.

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