Here, have a look at some puppies.

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have a look at some puppies

Bonjour, nihao and Happy New Year Humans!

Today we received some furry exciting news; two of our furry friends, Dolly and Tink, have had puppies!

We thought we’d share the news and a couple of pictures with you because if you’re looking at a blog post written by a dog you’re probably slacking and you may as well do it properly and look at pictures of puppies.

Tyson Chihuahua puppy

This is Tink’s puppy Tyson, he’s a one week old Chihuahua, how tiny is he?


And this is Willow, she’s Dolly’s puppy, and was born this morning. Isn’t she adorable?

We can’t wait until they’re bigger and we can play with them!

Chihuahua’s don’t get furry big though and they make Chops and me feel like giants. Mum says we have to be careful when playing with puppies, which usually means I just have to sit and watch.

Did you enjoy looking at puppies? Good. Now either get back to work or follow us on Twitter to find out what we get up to at work efurryday.

Gotta dash, we’ve got a very important job to do: visit the sandwich van.

Paws and licks,

George & Chops

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