How Facebook’s See First affects businesses

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How Facebook's See First affects businesses

Businesses have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, and the new “See First” News Feed update won’t do much to change the dynamics of that relationship.

Much has been said about Facebook reducing organic reach for Pages, essentially forcing businesses to pay to reach people they worked hard to get to like their Facebook Page.

Facebook’s goal is to show their users content which they find interesting and are most likely to engage with. The result of this is a News Feed which primarily shows updates from people users are friends with, with a few updates from pages.

When you think about it, this makes sense. Consider the way you use Facebook on your personal account; the chances are that you engage with updates from people you know more often than you engage with updates from Facebook Pages.

Facebook’s recent News Feed update included the addition of “See First”, which gives users some more control over what they see and where.

See First allows users to tell Facebook that they want to see updates from certain personal accounts and pages at the top of their Facebook feed. This is great for users because it means that the updates they’re most interested in are at the top of their News Feed.

It’s good and bad news for those who run Facebook Pages.

The good news is that if you run a page someone likes and they tell Facebook they want to see your page first, your updates will show up at the top of their News Feed.

The bad news is that if someone doesn’t want to see your page first, even if they do like your page but they want to see friends and family updates first, your updates will come below See First updates.

Explain to your audience how to add your Page to See First and encourage them to do it. 


How to add Pages to See First on desktop

Add a Facebook Page to See First on desktop

Ask your audience to visit your page and click on the ‘Liked’ button. One the menu they will see the ‘See First’ menu; clicking that will mean your updates show up at the top of their News Feed.

You can also update who is on your See First list by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of page and select ‘News Feed Preferences’.  You can then go through the people, pages, and groups you like, hover over ‘Following, and click ‘See First’.


How to add See First on mobile

How to add a Facebook Page to See First on mobile

Adding a page to See First on a mobile device is slightly different to desktop.

Ask users to visit your page, and click on ‘Following’, and then click on ‘See First’ on the pop up box.


Users can also add pages to See First in bulk by clicking on the ‘More’ menu and choosing ‘News Feed Preferences’ towards the bottom of the menu.

Facebook See First Prioritise who to see first

From there, click on ‘Prioritise who to see first’ and scroll through the list and click on the profile images of people and pages whose updates you want to see first.


To encourage your audience to add you to their See First list, create interesting updates which keep them interested and provide them with some value. In short, you need to create a Facebook presence which your audience would miss if they didn’t see your updates.

Despite that, it’s likely that the majority of your audience will not choose to add you to their See First list. Yes, there will be exceptions to the rule, but people mainly use Facebook to keep up to date with their friends and family.

Facebook Discover pages that match your interests


It isn’t all doom and gloom though. On the mobile app, the News Feed Preferences menu has an option called ‘Discover Pages that match your interests’. Clicking on that will show a list of Pages similar to your interests to help you discover more Pages.


Did you know that you can no longer encourage people to like your Page in exchange for a reward? Find out more here.

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