How Google’s Latest Update will help Retailers

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Google have recently announced that they will be supporting a new markup that will assist retailers and allow them to add shipping information to their products.

Read on to discover what benefits this will provide to retailers and why every e-commerce business should implement this new feature.


What is this new update?

Since June 2020, retailers have been able to list their products across different Google surfaces for free. Google want to ensure that any user looking for a specific product can find it quickly and easily.

Google state that they “are committed to supporting ways for the ecosystem to better connect with users that come to Google to look for the best products, brands, and retailers”.

They are continuously investing in more robust tooling in Google Merchant Centre along with new kinds of options.

This update allows retailers to add any shipping details to a product listing. These details can include:

  • Shipping costs
  • Estimated delivery timeframes
  • Company shipping policies

Where will the information be shown?

Once you have added the structured data, it will appear in the ‘Overview’ and ‘Stores’ tabs for a specific product result. The image below illustrates how the listing will appear.

Currently, this feature is only available in the US on mobile devices.



What are the benefits?

When users are looking at your products there is a chance that they are not yet at the purchasing stage. Users will consider many different options before they purchase from you, such as shipping costs and times.

By simply providing the user with these details upfront, you can help influence them to purchase your product from you.

A major issue that retailers face is ‘cart abandonment’. This is when users fill their shopping cart with items from your store but don’t actually purchase anything. In 2018, the worldwide Cart Abandonment Rate was estimated to average 79.17% across industries. A survey found out that in the retail sector 23% of shoppers abandoned carts due to issues with shipping.

This suggests that adding shipping details into your product listings can in fact minimise the number of users that abandon their carts.

If you would like to implement this new feature on your products, then get in touch on 01543 387 047 or book an appointment.

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