How reviews and testimonials can help grow a small business

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how reviews and testimonials can help grow your business

As consumers we trust other people’s reviews. We don’t want to waste money on a product or service which may not live up to our expectations, which is why we seek out reviews.

Imagine you’re walking down a street and see two bakeries next to each other, you’re feeling hungry. One is full and the other is empty. Which one would you go into?

Most people would go into the bakery with people in because we think that must mean the bakery is popular and produces good food.

If it’s producing good food we’ll get value for money. Whereas if we go to the empty bakery we might feel we didn’t get value for money and feel disappointed.


How reviews and testimonials can help your business

Having reviews or testimonials on your website can help reassure potential customers. That the products or services you sell are worth paying for and have fulfilled other people’s requirements.

Think of the bakery example above. If people see two websites selling similar things but one has reviews they will probably buy from the one with reviews.

As well as helping you attract new customers it can help you find areas where you can improve your business. Which leads us nicely into the next point.


What about bad reviews?

It’s inevitable that you will get the odd negative review. In fact it is possible to turn a negative review into repeat business.

If you receive a negative review get in touch with the customer and find out what the problem is and see if you can rectify the issue. If possible reply to the customers review. So other customers can see that you will help them if they have problems or are disappointed with a product.

This may help you identify areas where you can improve your product or service.


Do I really need online reviews and testimonials?

Yes! Research shows that 85% of consumers read online reviews when researching local businesses and 79% of people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.


How do I get reviews and testimonials?

If you run an ecommerce website make sure people can leave reviews for individual products. Send emails out a few days after the product should have arrived to encourage them to leave a review.

Businesses who do not run ecommerce websites (for example marketing agencies, accountants or dress makers) can email or call customers. Perhaps ask them for a testimonial that can be used on the website.

If a customer has had a good experience they will probably provide you with a testimonial. If they haven’t, now is a great chance for them to talk about any issues they’ve had and you can try to work towards a solution.

There may be local directory groups in your area which allow people to leave reviews and read reviews for local businesses.

For example in the UK there is a directory website called ‘The best of…’ which allows people to search for local businesses and read customer reviews.

On top of that there are national and international websites like Yell, 118 or TripAdvisor if you’re in hospitality.


Reviews and testimonial can benefit your business by reassuring potential customers and helping you improve your products or services. So stop putting it off and ask your customers for a testimonial today!

If you are one of our customers and have gained any benefit from any of the work we’ve done for you, whether that’s consulting, creative design, web development or production, please send us a testimonial!

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