How to be a more honest business & please your customers

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how to be a more honest business and please your customers

We’ve all been in the same position at some point where something seems too good to be true, and it is.

A company has not been entirely honest with you, and you feel slightly jilted; they set expectations and your experience just didn’t meet that.

It is an easy enough path to find yourself down, and it’s a path you can get stuck down, when all you really want is to help your customers. Maybe you have been working hard, and your own business has fallen into the trap of setting expectations way beyond what you can actually offer right now.

Here are 3 points to follow on making sure your business is on the right track.


Honesty is the best policy

It sounds simple, but be honest.

If you cannot offer a service, don’t pretend you can. It will only come around to bite you. A much more suitable option would be to team up with another local business who offers complimentary services, but not direct competition, and set up an alliance. You don’t have to let your customers down, but you also benefit from referrals. Everyone wins, and who knows, you may even gain business from it.


Build trust. Live up to expectations. Do not keep letting people down.

People will normally allow you to make a mistake once, or maybe even twice, as they understand we’re all only human. But if you keep providing people with a bad service, you will push them away.

Once you win a customer that is only the beginning as the effort needs to continue to ensure that customer stays with you. That doesn’t mean ringing them each week to see if they are still okay. Or buying them flowers (unless you really wanted to). It means do what you say you are going to do.

Turn up on time, call them back when you said you will and finish the job by the deadline. They need to trust you or they will go elsewhere.


Don’t be who you are not, position yourself correctly.

Expectation isn’t just set by the actual contact you make, it is set by your brand. You need to ensure your brand says everything about you that your customer needs to know. This is beneficial for both you and the customers, and you both know where you stand.

We regularly reposition businesses to represent their business effectively and appeal to their target audience.

If your brand gives off the impression of small business who provide an average service, but really you are a growing business and experts in your field. You are not going to attract the right sort of customer, or do your business any favours.


Still not sure if your marketing is where it should be? Perhaps it may be useful to see how pre-marketing may help to set expectations, or why marketing is important for small businesses.

If you need a little more advice on your specific situation, we offer no obligation initial meetings, so you can talk in confidence about your business. Call our friendly team on 01543 495752 to book a time that suits you.

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