How to Convert a Pinterest Personal Page Into a Pinterest Business Page

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how to convert a pinterest personal page into a pinterest business page

At last, Pinterest Business pages are here! Despite not offering businesses pages, businesses have been using Pinterest to drive traffic to their website and increase sales since it first launched back in 2010.

Pinterest is giving businesses with existing accounts the opportunity to convert their account. And if you don’t have one yet (why not?) you can sign up as a business.


How to create a business profile

Pinterest Business Page

If you already have a Pinterest account, simply go to and click ‘Convert your existing account’.

You’ll be shown your existing details which you can change. You’ll then be asked to define what type of business you are and enter a contact name for your account. This should be the person managing your Pinterest account.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to a page which will explain how to verify your website.

The advantage of verifying your website is that it will show this is the official account for your business. Which will make you easier to find in Pinterest search.

When your website is verified a checkmark will appear under your name along with your full website URL. This will also be displayed in Pinterest search results, which will help users find the official account.

If you haven’t got a Pinterest account, instead of clicking ‘Convert Existing Account’, click ‘New to Pinterest? Join as a Business.’ And you’ll be taken through the same process as above.


Why use Pinterest?

With more and more businesses growing increasingly unhappy with Facebook forcing them to pay to reach all of their fans, they’re exploring how they can use other social networks to drive traffic to their website and help them increase sales.

In February of this year, back when Pinterest was still invite only, it impressively managed to create more referral traffic than Twitter.

Some B2C companies have had huge success with Pinterest, such as Etsy, however using it for B2B isn’t quite so easy.

For tips on harnessing the power of Pinterest for B2B take a look at a blog post we posted earlier in the year: How to Use Pinterest for B2B.

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