How to create and use Facebook Offers.

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how to create and use facebook offers

Facebook is making it easier for businesses to promote offers through their Facebook Pages, by releasing an ‘Offers’ feature.

The feature is still in its beta stage at the moment and is only available to a small number of ‘Local business’ Pages. However, Facebook say they will ‘launch offers more broadly soon’.

How do I create an offer?

The offers feature is incredibly simple to use and is as easy as updating your status.

Where you would normally type out a status, you click on the ‘Offer, Event +’ button and choose ‘Offers’.

Then, all you need to do is;
• Create an attention grabbing headline for the offer, such as “25% off all topiary frames!”
• Upload an image for the offer. (The image size is 90 x 90 pixels.)
• You can choose to limit the offer to a certain number of people, or leave it unlimited.
• Choose an expiration date.
• Add some terms and conditions but not too many or you may confuse people.
• Click preview, if you’re happy with your offer you can then select ‘Post’ and your offer will be posted to your page wall.


Facebook offer a few hints and tips on what will make a good offer and produce good results, such as:
• Using a simple headline instead of slogans or phrases.
• Using an image of your product being used by a customer rather than an image of the product on it’s own.
• They recommend discounts higher than 20% or a buy one get one free.

You can find more helpful tips and a video on the Facebook Offers help page.

Like a status update, anyone who views the offer will be able to ‘share’ it with their friends and increasing your reach. This is also handy for you, as you can keep sharing it instead of creating a new offer repeatedly to get people to see it.

Now what?

Now you know how to create an offer, you’ll probably be wondering how customers will redeem it and use it. Don’t worry, Facebook takes care of that for you.

When a customer redeems an offer they will be sent an email from Facebook which includes the offers information. The customer can either choose to print it off or show you the offer on their phone.

You’ll be able to see how many people have redeemed your offer underneath the headline. To find out how many people actually use the offer, you will need to keep count yourself.

Why should I use offers?

It’s hard to think of many businesses that would not be able to use the offers feature, as it could be used for both products and services.

For example, if you’re a driving instructor you provide a service, so you may decide to offer ‘10% off one driving lesson’ or ‘buy four lessons, get one free.’
Or perhaps you own a café, you may launch a ‘Buy one muffin, get one free’ offer.

Research shows the number one reason people follow a brand on Facebook is for discounts. This means offers can help you gain new customers and encourage current customers to spend with you again.

It will also encourage engagement on your page and increase the amount of people ‘talking about you’.

You could also use it to boost the amount of ‘likes’ your Facebook Page has by posting it on your website, Twitter (or any other social networks you’re on) and providing a link to your Facebook page.
If someone redeems your offer, it’s obviously relevant to them, which means they’ll probably like your page so they can see what products you have or redeem any future offers you may have.

What now?

Facebook commerce has struggled to take off for a number of reasons, however since Facebook Timeline was rolled out, social commerce has increased.
The introduction of offers will more than likely help to further increase social commerce.

It has been proven that more and more people are using the internet or listening to their friends reviews of a product or service, before they part with their hard earned money.
A happy customer may leave a positive review on your page or tell their friends about how great your product was and what a fantastic offer it was, which could increase your sales.

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