How to Get More Calls from Google Ads

How to Get More Calls from Google Ads

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Does your business require phone calls to make sales? If so, then you need to be using Google Call Ads.

Watch our 3 minute video now to find out how to increase calls from potential customers through your Google Ad campaigns:

Google Call Ads make the process of phoning your business a lot easier for customers. The adverts appear in Google’s search results as any standard advert normally would, but they are purposefully designed to encourage phone calls as opposed to clicks.

Top tip: Call Ads only appear on devices that can actually make phone calls!

So how do Google Call Ads make the process of phoning your business easier for clients?

This is the customer journey for phoning your business if you are NOT using Google Call Ads.

Customer Journey WITHOUT Google Call Ads:

Step 1

Your potential customers would see your advert appear in Google search whilst using either their phone or desktop.

Step 2

They would click on your advert which would take them to your website.

Top tip: Send these potential customers to a landing page specific for their needs. DO NOT send them to the homepage of your website.

Step 3

The potential customer would fill out a form submission or eventually call your business, providing that your phone number is clearly displayed and easy to locate.

Now let’s take a look at the steps they would take if your business used Google Call Ads.

Customer Journey WITH Google Call Ads:

Step 1

Your potential customer/client would see your advert displayed on Google search.

The main difference between this first step in each customer journey is the platform that the ads are displayed on.

In this customer journey the adverts are only displayed on devices that can make phone calls, ensuring that the potential customer can make a phone call as soon as they see the ad.

Step 2

Once they have seen your Google Call Ad, they will click it and call your business straightaway.

As you can see, with Google Call Ads the process becomes much simpler and shorter. Call Ads remove any potential obstacle that the customer could face; if they are seeing your advert, then they are able to call you straight away.

If you have any questions or need any help with your Google Ads, then give the marketing people a call on 01543 495752. 

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