How to log in to your website using your smartphone camera

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How to log in to your website using your smartphone camera Clef

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to remember the login details for your website?

The problem with secure passwords is that they’re nearly always impossible to remember. You have to write them down somewhere and surely writing them down isn’t very secure at all?

Security is important to us. And we know that some of our clients find secure passwords a bit of a frustration because they can’t remember them easily. As an agency which has to log in to multiple websites a day, we understand the frustration.

We recently came across a very clever app called ‘Clef’. Which allows you to securely log in to your website using the camera on your smartphone.

Not only is it secure but it saves you time because you don’t need to go on a password hunt.

Additionally you can set genuinely secure passwords for your website because you won’t have to remember them. So your website will be safer.


How does it work? Is it easy to use?

Clef is available on most content management systems (CMS), including WordPress, Magento, Plesk, Joomla and more.

To set it up, install and activate the Clef plugin for the CMS you’re using and follow the on-screen instructions. Which will tell you to download the app.

Once setup is complete, logging into a website is simple. Go to the login URL, open the app on your phone and point your camera at the screen. This allows the waves on the computer screen and your phone screen to sync.

The app allows you to choose the length of time you want to be logged in for and you can manually logout.


What if I forget my phone or someone doesn’t want to use Clef?

If you leave your phone at home or the battery is flat. Or there’s a member of your team who doesn’t want to use Clef you can still log in the old fashioned way.

When you go to your login URL,there is still the option to login by entering your username and password.


Is it secure?

Yes. Clef uses two-step authentication and if you have a passcode to unlock your smartphone, your website will be even more secure.

(If you haven’t got a passcode for your phone, simply Google ‘set up passcode for [phone type here]’ and you’ll find a guide to help you.)

If your phone is stolen or you get a new one, you can deactivate a particular device to make sure that anyone who has access to that phone cannot use Clef.

We love technology and we get really excited when we discover something that we know will make our client’s jobs easier. What tools or apps do you use to make your job easier?

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