How To Make Your Customers Love You All Year Round.

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how to make your customers love you all year round

Bonjour & Ni Hao Humans, Happy Chocolate & Flowers day!  

Us dogs don’t really understand Valentines Day because we show our love all year round, and we think you business owners and marketers would love it if your customers were more like dogs.

No, we don’t mean you wish they were smelly and furry, but you’d like it if your customers were loyal and loved your business all year round wouldn’t you?

With a little human help we created a PDF which covers nine key points to help you get your customers to love you all year round, including;

  • Knowing your targeting audience
  • Saying merci
  • Encouraging loyalty
  • Going the extra mile
  • Doing what you say you can do
  • Listening
  • Being honest
  • Personality and engaging
  • Keeping in touch

Click the graphic below to download our PDF and encourage your customers to love your business 365.25 days a year!

How to make your customers love you all year round

If you think it’s pawesome and helpful, please share it, we’d love to help as many people as possible.

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Enjoy chocolate and flowers day.

Paws and licks,

George and Chops

The Marketing Dogs, C/O The Marketing People

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