How to Rank Higher with Google Page Speed

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Google rewards websites that load quickly. Fact.

Pages on fast-loading websites have been found to actually rank significantly higher than the pages on slow-loading websites. This means that page speeds are a critical factor in getting your website to rank higher on Google.

Watch our 90 second video to find out how you can get your website to rank higher using Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

So, what is Page Speed?

Put simply, page speed is the time it takes to fully load the content on a specific page. The longer it takes for your website to load, the fewer pages Google will crawl on your website, which may have a detrimental effect on your Google rankings.

Not only is it essential for ranking higher in Google, it is also important in terms of the user experience.

Did you know: 53% of site visits on a mobile device are abandoned if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

This goes to show just how important a fast-loading site is.

How can you check your Page Speed?

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check the performance of a page on both desktop and mobile devices.

This will provide you with not only a score out of 100, but also suggestions on how that page can be improved.

How do you use PageSpeed Insights?

1. Go to Google’s PageSpeed Insights, input your URL and click Analyze.

SEO Thursday Google Page Speeds TMP

2. Once your website has been analysed, you see a score out of 100 which summarises the page’s performance for a mobile device

SEO Thursday Google Page Speeds TMP

You should aim for a score of 90 or above as this is considered fast. Anything below 50 is considered slow and should be improved as soon as possible.

3. The page speed will differ on mobile and desktop so don’t forget to check both.

SEO Thursday Google Page Speeds TMP

4. Look at the suggestions and make the necessary changes to make your pages faster.

SEO Thursday Google Page Speeds TMP

So, if you want your pages to rank higher in Google Search it is essential that your pages load quickly. Your bounce rate will be lowered and your website is more likely to convert.

If you have any questions or need any help with your website, then give the marketing people a call on 01543 495752.

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