How to Reduce Exposure to Your Increasing Ad Cost

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If you want to reduce your Ad Spend, you must read this….

It is critically important to generate leads from your website, but do you know how to do this effectively? Read on to discover how to utilise your website efficiently to start getting quality leads.


Amazon, Facebook and Google are just some of the eCommerce and service businesses that realise the benefit of collecting user data, not just pixel data, to retarget visitors to their sites.

By now you understand that all the major companies know more about us than our mothers do; where we like to eat, drink, what we like to wear and where we buy those clothes from etc. If you ever have ever visited any of these websites, then chances are, you are on their email database, or in other words – a buyers list.


Why do I need an email database?

An email database of buyers and prospects is absolutely critical to online businesses.

Put simply, the job of the website is to create sales opportunities for your business. So, if your website does not have the ability to gather an email database of potential clients, then it is not working effectively for you.

Imagine having a shop and 100 people walk in and out. Now imagine only three people buy a product from you and the other 97 people leave and don’t give you any contact information. You won’t be able to send them offers or keep in touch to remind them to come back and make a purchase in the future. Just think about how many opportunities you would be missing out on.

So, given that 97% of people that come to your website will not make contact on that visit, you need to have something in place to ensure that there are no missed opportunities. In order to make your website an effective sales tool, you must have a system in place that allows the visitor to do something without committing too much information, such as allowing the visitor to download certain guides, etc.


How do I create an email database?

In order to start collecting information for your email database you need to evaluate what value you can provide to the visitor. This can be anything from:

  • PDF guides
  • A video series
  • A webinar
  • Whitepaper reports

The visitor would essentially download one of the above in exchange for their name and email address. This then allows you to easily follow the visitor up, whilst they get value from the downloads.


How does this help my Ads?

If you are running Ads at the moment, be sure to create a lead magnet on your page, so visitors to the website can give you their best email address to contact them. This way you can retarget these leads without spending money on Ads to push towards email sales.

Once you create a lead magnet, you then gain the ability to build your email database where you can contact potential clients or take them further down your sales process. This works for both B2B and B2C industries, so it is essential for any type of business.


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