How To Use Facebook Timeline

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How to use facebook timeline

Friday 30th March will see the new Facebook Timeline implemented across all Facebook Pages, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Whether you’ve been living under a rock or you daren’t look at the new features for fear of being confused, it’s time you had a crash course in Timeline.

With timeline, there’s more space for really showing off your brand or your work, in fact there are 850×315 pixels available for you to show off your work or brand.
There are a few restrictions as to what you can and cannot include in your cover photo though, such as no calls to action or details about offers. You can find these restrictions in Facebook’s Help Centre.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture overlaps your cover photo, which is something you need to keep in mind when positioning your cover photo. You have 180 x 180 pixels available for your profile picture.
A brand logo or image is the best thing to use for a profile picture, something people will be able to recognise easily.

Underneath your cover photo and profile picture is a bar containing information about your page, such as; contact details, keywords or keyphrases associated with your company and a link to the ‘about’ page.

We’ve found that only two key phrases will be visible on your page, ours are ‘web design’ and ‘marketing consultant’, so you need to make sure the most effective keyphrases are visible here.

This bar also contains your apps and tabs. It only shows a few tabs/apps, however the rest can be revealed by clicking the expand button. You can have a total of 12 tabs/apps, however the photos tab cannot be moved.


Important posts (such as a new blog post or information about an offer) can be ‘pinned’ to the top of a page and it will remain there for a week. Pinned posts are identifiable by the orange ribbon hanging over the top of the post.
Posts can be pinned easily by clicking the ‘edit’ button and selecting ‘Pin to Top’. To unpin a post, click the edit button and simply select ‘Unpin From Top’.


As well as being able to pin posts, you can highlight posts by hovering over the post and clicking the star button. This expands a post to fill the width of the page, which like pinning, is useful for making posts stand out.


Timeline is the main focus of the overhaul and it runs through the centre of your page.
At the right of the screen you will find a list of dates, which will go back to the date your company was founded. Unfortunately for some companies, the furthest back Facebook will allow you to go is the 1st January 1000.

The timeline enables you to find posts easily and allows people to look through your brands history with ease.
One example of a brand who really took Timeline in their stride is Red Bull, who did a scavenger hunt through their Timeline on the day Timeline was launched.

Clicking on the timeline running through your page allows you to add a milestone, as shown in the image above.
Milestones allow you to add the exact date, where and when the milestone occurred with a description and an image of the event. A milestone will fill the width of the page.


This post should have helped you get a good idea about what Facebook Timeline is all about and how you can use it to your brands advantage. But so many questions can pop up when it comes to social media, but just head over to our social blogs for all the answers you need.

If you still aren’t ready for timeline, take a look at what we did for Gardening Delights and then get in touch with us to find out what we could do for your Facebook Page. You can call us on 01543 495752 or email us at


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