How we can take the stress out of your marketing

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How we can take the stress out of your marketing

We live in a stressed out age; an age where everything has to be done faster and more efficiently. You have to update this report, and that account after everything you do.

You have to go to this class after work, or pick the kids up, and then cook your healthy home cooked meal, with all your daily intake of fruit and veg. And then the gym! You need to make sure you’ve worked out, and you’ve burned off all those calories, and then you come home and oh, there’s the housework to do.

Then, when you finally get to bed, your head is still whirring round with the 97 things that are on tomorrow’s to do list.

And you know what the worst bit is? We have started to measure our worth in how stressed out we are! If you are not stressed out enough, you must not be working hard enough.

“How long is your to do list. Well, mine’s twice as big.”

Aren’t you sick of the stress?

Get the right balance

We, at The Marketing People, have a good work/life balance. The question of what did you get up to last night, can be answered with: I watched a brilliant film, or I just chilled out with the kids, or I just watched something on TV, without any judgement.

That is because we work smart in the day, with a clear plan (and a little bit of stress), leaving not only all of our clients impressed and content with the work we have completed, but ourselves too. Meaning we can go home with a clear head, knowing we hard worked hard and smart during the day.

When you look at some of the big entrepreneurs, or the high-level managers, they’re not half as stressed out as the people on the floor. Now there could be a number of reasons for this (which I will let you all voice yourselves) but for the purpose of this blog, let’s focus on one: delegation.

When you have the power and the opportunity to delegate it can be a wonderful thing if you do it in the right way. Taking advantage of other people’s strengths can work out better for all involved.

For example, let’s say you work in a reasonably small company. You don’t have a specific role as every job is everyone’s to do, but you have been put in charge of sending out reminders to all of your customers.

1500 letters need to be written up, printed, folded, packed into envelopes, ensuring the correct address to every customer, and be mailed out. You just don’t have time to add that to your other 97 things to do, and you need to leave on time after work today because you have a doctors appointment.


Did you know that someone else could do that for you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just call someone up and say “I need 1500 letters sending out,” and it would be done. No stress for you, no fretting, no trying to type one handed whilst eating your lunch at the same time?

We do this for customers every day. We design artwork, we print, we mail, and every single thing in between. We take on all of that stress, so you can focus on the rest of your to do list, but still be assured the task is being done to the highest standards.


And what about keeping up with social media?

In SMEs, it is rare to have someone dedicated to social media. So once again, it goes on the endless to do list. You have to post on Facebook, then on twitter, then you have got to try and write a witty blog post, when really the last of your wit seeped away on the morning commute.

Then your boss wants you to expand on to other social media sites, and improve your company’s SEO. Before you know it, you have 16 tabs open on your computer, each with their own process to get something posted or monitored.


We can take it off your hands.

You read that right. We can manage your social media accounts, and even write your blogs for you. That way you still stay up to date, your content is fresh and we take on your stress.

We have done this for many clients. And we’ve also taught them how to do it for themselves too. We can’t stop one of our client’s blogging now, he has caught the bug!

We can show you how to schedule some of your posts. So you don’t always have to do your social media in real time, you can plan ahead! This means that a few minutes planning in the morning, can make you work much smarter during the day.

Check out what we have done for some of our clients here.


Will we solve all your problems?

Not quite. We’re good, but not that good. However, we could take all the stress out of your marketing. If you are willing to work with us towards a solution.

Why not give us a call today to see if we can help remove some of the stress from your day?

We’ll have a no obligation chat, on some very comfy sofas with a new hot brew, and see if we can help you out.

And then helpfully, when your colleague who’s pulling their hair out next asks “why are you not more stressed?” you can reply with, “sorry for not being stressed out” as you skip off to the beer garden after work.

Why wouldn’t you want to work smarter, rather than harder?

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