I don’t know how to blog

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I don't know how to blog

You’ve just got your head around Facebook, and then Twitter comes along, and now they say you have to blog as well?!

Blogs are beneficial for your business, but it can be a quite daunting prospect if you are new to the social media game.

Your blog can help you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. By increasing dialogue between you and your audience, you engage more people, educating them about your business and give that personal insight in to your day to day life that can be missed in today’s society.

Tip: Blog, blog and blog some more. You need to create substantial content that is regularly posted. Whether that’s every day, every week or once a month. Customers need to know when to expect, and to look for your posts.

Here at The Marketing People, we can not only help to set up your blog but we can also show you how to use it effectively. If you love the idea, but struggle with the technical or finding the time, we can even run your blog for you.

Why not have a look at one of our previous blogs “Teaching Veriserve how to get the most out of their blog” for a real life look at what we can do.

Need a helping hand? Give us a call today for us to arrange a no obligation chat.


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