I don’t know what marketing activities to spend my money on

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I don't know what marketing activities to spend my money on

There are so many options available to us to market our business that it can be hard to know what to spend the time and money on, and what to leave behind.

Some companies will try and sell you a fancy website or a nice looking flyer, but what’s the point if it doesn’t bring you anything in return?

Tip: Always know your target market.

We, at The Marketing People pride ourselves on our honest approach. We will never encourage you to go through with something that won’t benefit your business. We have even dissuaded people from certain marketing activities, because it just won’t produce any benefit.

Our passion is to help improve businesses by creating opportunities for them to sell. Which we can only achieve if we offer you the right tools in the first place!

Why not have a look at the work with did with Fleximas on designing their new catalogue? They were able to increase their turnover by 20% on the previous year, and it’s still growing! After a chat with David (and maybe the dogs too) they were able to decide what was the best move for them, and are now reaping the rewards.

So why not join us for a chat on our comfy sofas, and we’ll go over what’s right for you?


The Marketing DogsGeorge and Chops say: We have a few ideas if you’re stopping by the pet store!



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