Is your business UK Calling compliant?

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is your business uk calling compliant

As of the 1st July 2015 non-geographic phone numbers have to comply with UK Calling rules which explains the cost of calling to consumers.

This affects any business that has a ‘non-geographic’ phone number, which are those beginning with 08, 09 or 118.

UK Calling has been put into place by Ofcom to inspire confidence in customers calling your number, as the costs are made clear before they dial, hopefully meaning more people will call your business.

Costs will now be made of an access charge (this is what a business and their phone company charge)  and a service charge (this is what the charge from the caller’s phone company)


So what do you need to do now?

If you haven’t done so already, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your business is compliant with the UK Calling rules.


Speak with your telephone provider

Confirm any changes that will affect your organisation and the way you use the number. Ask them to confirm the service charge for your number.


Review all your marketing materials and advertising

If you do have a ‘non-geographic’ number, you must ensure the service charge is clearly stated wherever the number is shown. A compliant example of this statement would be:

‘Calls cost x (x per minute) plus your phone company’s access charge’

You need to take in to consideration any material that has your number on it. This could include:

  • Your company website
  • Any social media
  • Service directories
  • Any packages/wrappers/labels/tickets or price lists
  • Point of sale displays and other fixed advertising
  • Advertising bill boards and posters
  • Any online advertising


If you do have a Freephone number, you will need to discuss with your telephone provider the changes you would have to make so your company could be called free from mobiles.


What about when I need to call those numbers?

The charges only apply to residential lines and consumers phones. Though telephone providers will still be flexible to charge for calls to these numbers from business phones.

Want to know more? Visit Ofcom or the UK Calling Site for more details


Need some advice on updating your marketing?

If you are worried about how the changes affect your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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