Leaflet design for the BWCA – we’ll drink to that

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BWCA flyers

A lot of companies can sell you a leaflet that looks nice, but we create leaflets which do more than look nice – they get your target audience to do what you want them to.  

We recently carried out updates to the BWCA’s website to create premium and enhanced membership listings, which they wanted to promote at their annual conference.

To promote the new listings we created a flyer (scroll down to see the flyer) to tell members about the new kinds of listings, the benefit they can provide them with and ultimately, to get them upgrade from their basic listings and get more from their BWCA membership.

IMG_1812On Thursday some of us were on stand with the BWCA helping them sell their premium and enhanced listings and help members understand what they could do to get the best out of their BWCA membership.

The leaflet generated interest and converted on the stand.

If you want flyers that benefit your business and get your audience to do something, get in touch to find out how we can help.

View the fullsize BWCA premium and enhanced listings flyer.


Sharing is caring!